Everyone’s favorite old-timey pals

The Dill Pickles. Ah, such a great show. If you haven’t seen Brendan and the band play yet, you’re missing out. They give a spell-binding performance completely with plenty of ribaldry via Brendan. Of course. Oh yeah, and also drink specials.




3 responses to “Everyone’s favorite old-timey pals

  1. stick out your cans!
    here comes the garrrrrbage man!

    seriously, we need a chorus line of dancing girls behind us to stick out their chests in time to the music when we do that one. chroeographed of course.

    I also want girls dressed as pickles, similar to this old ad for cigarettes

    wouldn’t that be AWESOME??

  2. “I also want girls dressed as pickles”

    Er, whatever floats your boat.

  3. it’d be awesome. they could mingle with the crowd, selling cornichons on toothpicks.

    you can see it. it’s insane. it’s awesome.

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