Daily Archives: August 10, 2009

Welcome to our latest contributor: the fashionista!

Ladies and gents – a style connoisseur to answer your burning fashion questions. Please join me in welcoming Mr. Jones:


“Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not express’d in fancy; rich not gaudy; For the apparel oft proclaims the man.” Polonius Act 1, Scene 3 Hamlet

“Damn Philly’s got some wack gear up in this jawn.” One of my boys on his last visit to Philadelphia.

Recently Phillygrrl and I were emailing back and forth about our love for The Sartorialist and we decided that Philly could use a fashion advice columnist. While I’ve never considered myself “fashionable” somehow over the course of that email thread I was nominated to take on that role. Later, I was lamenting to a friend that I had probably bitten off more than I could chew when she pointed out that I had once helped her pick out and buy an entire outfit for a job interview. As my friend and I started reviewing my fashion biography I gradually realized that I may have something to offer this city in the way of advice. Here’s a quick list of my credentials:

  • Since 1985, when I talked my parents in to buying me a pair of Air Jordans, I’ve had a shoe “problem” which has grown to include a small Adidas addiction.