Daily Archives: August 11, 2009

Fashion Hero: Dad

Paul Stuart flannel suit

Guest contributor/fashion plate Mr. Jones sure knows how to make the girls swoon…

It’s easy to look around and see crazy fashion on the internet, television and magazines. We regularly venerate people like Kanye West and Lady Gaga as style icons. The problem is that their kind of high fashion doesn’t regularly translate in to easily wearable day-to-day outfits. So while I enjoy looking to these people to determine the newest trends, for practical purposes my first fashion hero is my father.

My father knows how to dress. As a salesman for more than 30 years he wore bespoke suits, rocked an impeccable beard and always understood that no matter how unfair it may be, people will garner their first impression of you by what you’re wearing.

Now before you wonder what kind of effete clotheshorse raised me, let me assure you that my father is a man’s man. My dad has had an upper plate since losing those teeth in a street fight at 18. After the navy, my father’s first car was a 1963 Corvette which he stripped down for racing by hand and had painted 32 coats of candy apple tangerine. My dad likes football, straight liquor and books about war; he’s the last of a dying generation of men born before mandals and “product”. Continue reading