Daily Archives: August 19, 2009

Sports and SingleInPhillyGrrl: Let’s talk Vick and the Eagles for 2009

Since all the PG men have been silent on this issue,  SingleInPhillyGrrl takes on Vick and what it means for the Eagles.

Like many Philadelphia residents, I am a stark-mad, crazy lunatic when it comes to our sports teams (specifically the Eagles and Phillies).  I take a sports hiatus from February to April (between football and baseball seasons) to let my voice return, my blood pressure to come down, and to wear colors other than green and red.

It’s a disease.  And I don’t want the cure. Continue reading


I Scream, You Scream

What’s with all the parents hating on ice cream and ice cream trucks? One of my fondest summer memories is waiting for the ice cream truck to come around our block in North Philadelphia. Us kids would sit on the steps after dinner, clutching a dollar and some change. Our parents let us get ice cream very occasionally. But when they did, it was a treat. We never dared to beg them for ice cream. Talking back or questioning your parents was unheard of. Sometimes you got ice cream, sometimes you didn’t. But some parents think ice cream vendors in parks and ice cream trucks should be done away with altogether.

Ever since Katherine had an inconsolable meltdown about not being able to have a treat, Ms. Sell has been trying to have unlicensed vendors ousted from the park. She has repeatedly called the city’s 311 complaint hot line, joining parents nationwide who can’t stand the icy man or his motorized big brother, the ice cream man. Continue reading