Throw Back a Cold One Aug. 24


I hate beer. Can’t stand the stuff. But I say women of the world should gather in bars on Monday, August 24rth and down a pint. For solidarity with this lady from Malaysia who gets to be disciplined like a child for no reason that I can see.

The Islamic alcohol prohibition laws in Malaysia’s eastern Pahang state date back more than two decades. But Malaysian-born Kartika, who now has Singaporean citizenship, is the first woman to fall foul of them.

She was arrested in July last year in a hotel nightclub in the beach resort of Cherating during a raid by the state’s religious department and admitted drinking beer.

An Islamic court fined her and ordered her to be caned at Kajang women’s prison next week, but spared her a jail term of up to three years.

Seriously, if I didn’t have class Monday night, I’d be at a bar somewhere.

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4 responses to “Throw Back a Cold One Aug. 24

  1. i am always curious about people who don’t like beer. I never liked it either, but then my dad explained i was drinking it wrong.

    you need to gulp it, which is why pint glasses are made the way they are. the taste buds that respond best to beer are at the back of your mouth, not the front.

    Now, if your experience is mostly with drinking mass-produced piss beer like Budweiser, pabst, etc.. yeah that’s nasty no matter HOW you drink it. But good beer, ingested properly, is delicious.

  2. Hey just another reason to have a cold one, lol, I’m with it.

  3. No thanks, gulping is not for me :P

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