Daily Archives: August 26, 2009

Some folks got no luck

Some people got no luck. It’s true. You mean to do one thing and something else completely unanticipated happens. Take this story. It’s 1891. Two kids are sitting in a classroom. One kid, kid A, is 11 years old. Kid A kicks another kid, kid B. That kid, who is 14 doesn’t react. But then he does. He screams in pain. Why? Because he’d injured his leg in a prior sledding accident. The next day kid B, whose leg got kicked feels sick. Four days later, he starts vomiting. When a doctor examines the leg, he finds the kid’s bone is disintegrating. Soon, the kid B loses all use of his leg. In a lawsuit brought against kid A, kid A is found liable and his parents have to pay damages to kid B. Did kid A anticipate that kid B would lose his leg? Probably not. Do we know whether kid A was just playing around or whether he had malicious intent? Nope. Continue reading