Daily Archives: August 28, 2009

The Jeffhouse Band @ The Fire

My friend, Jeff Monjack is one of the most talented Philadelphians I know. He cooks a mean cornbread, makes a great margarita and could probably build you a house from the ground-up. But that’s just the beginning. Jeff also happens to be a long-time guitarist who plays for a number of area jazz bands. In fact, my first post ever when I started what was then a personal journal mentioned the last CD Jeff produced, with the talented Frank Bey. Check out this great video of them playing “Cookie Jar.”

This Sunday night, August 30, you can see Jeff playing with The Jeffhouse Band @ the Fire, along with Carl Elzy, Kim Johnson and Garcia Murphy.  Check them out if you’re into old-time R&B and funky stuff. And even if you’re not. Because Jeff and vocalist Carl, always manage to get people dancing. Always.

Who: The Jeffhouse Band

When: Sunday, August 3o, Show starts at 9PM

Where: The Fire, 412 West Girard Avenue

Price: Tickets are $7