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Hello, Goodbye

“The time has come,” the Walrus said/To talk of many things” – Lewis Carroll 1872

Dear Philadelphia,

I <3 you. Always have, always will. But now it’s time for me to say goodbye. You knew, right? I mean, this isn’t a surprise or anything. We’ve been drifting apart for months now. Ever since I told you I was headed to school, you’ve been a little cold. Well, maybe it’s just me. I mean, it’s definitely me. Not you. You’ve always been a perfect sweetheart. Continue reading

Psychiatric Abuse Protest in Philly


Remember Godly Mathew’s protest on the Roosevelt Boulevard? He writes to PG with news of his latest protest. And this time, he’s not alone.

Activists Eva Dech, Lauren Tenney, and Daniel Hazen are on a multi-state tour to raise awareness of psychiatric abuse. They are coordinating a campaign to stop forced mental health treatment – part of a nationwide organizing call to action. The tour will include 7 states and consist of 8 demonstration and organizing spots. The tour began at Kings County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room where a woman, Esmin Green, died on the floor while staff members repeatedly ignored her. Philadelphia was their second stop along the way and I got a chance to demonstrate with them on Sunday, September 6th. The demonstration was outside of Friends Hospital in Philadelphia (where I had recently done a solo protest). The traveling trio and their small dog, Lady Petunia, are touring in a vehicle with the back almost filled with protest signs, banners, and other activism materials. Continue reading

Lawyerly Inspiration Part II

The law blog roundup. Okay, you knew this was going to happen, right? You knew I had serious, serious plans to turn this into one of those whiny law school advice blogs, right? Mehbe not, we’ll see. But I have been reading way too many law blogs for the past few weeks and I definitely found some gems out there. This week’s two favorites?  Huma Rashid & John Infante. Let’s just say these two kids  have no lives. They blog and they go to school, i.e. no lives. Not sure how they do it, but I’ve gotta give ’em mad props.

  • 5wyuchThe Reasonably Prudent Law Student. Huma Rashid is great to visit whether you’re in grad school or just looking for a place to find something to wear to work.  (Although she also did a nice Kanye post that I very much enjoyed. Especially the puppies part.) My favorite part of Huma’s blog is her Business Casual Superstar series. You give Huma a look and she’ll come back with an outfit under $100. Check out her snarky bit on finding clothes modeled after Megan Fox’s look.  (And here’s one for you, gents.) And if you’re a Twitterer, don’t check her Tweets out while you’re in class. You will laugh out loud. (On a sidenote, for the longest time, I thought her blog was “the reasonably prudish law student,” from which misreading I derived great amusement.)

Continue reading

Lawyerly Inspiration Part I

Guest contributor Djwild11 sent me this at the beginning of August. I look at it every now and then for inspiration. So. There ya go. Be inspired, folks. Or not, your call.


Friday Night Tweetup

pickles911-LAST SHOW

So if you’re one of those strange, strange folks who happens to be a Twitter addict (as I am), you will understand the appeal of a “Tweetup.” That’s when you gather with the folks that you spend your day chatting with on Twitter and finally meet them IRL (in real life).  Is it as pathetic as it sounds? Probably.

Well, those evil Twitter folks finally convinced me to try this scary social media networking deal. So slow down on your drunk Tweeting and bring your thumbs to Fergie’s Pub tonight. Is it also going to be the best Friday night ever? Probably, yes. And the fact that it coincides with the final show of The Dill Pickles can’t hurt either. So if you ever wanted to try your hand at stalking meeting Philly’s most prolific Twitterers, now’s a good time. We promise we won’t bite. A lot.

UPDATE: Photos from the event via Phillybits.

Fashion fashion everywhere

Guest blogger Mr. Jones on fashion shows:

True story: my BFF since junior high @lulubird00 sneaked into the tents at Bryant Park one year and watched all of the fashion shows. Oh if I only had the nerve to do the same thing. Tomorrow kicks off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City and if you like I have a job and no car, that seems woefully out of reach. Luckily, our friends at the King of Prussia Mall have brought a little bit of New York Fashion Week to Philadelphia with their Fashion’s Night Out.  What are they bringing us in the City of Brotherly Love? Champagne, trunk shows, DJs and custom products. Check it: Continue reading


You’ve found someone you liked.  Things are going well.  You’re still single…or are you?  SingleInPhillyGrrl tackles the latest relationship term since Facebook came out with “It’s Complicated”: Single-ish.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, PG readers; work has been kicking my butt and I haven’t been able to get on and share my half-baked theories on the single life.  It’s good to be back.  Let’s dive into this, shall we.

The term: Single-ish.

The definition: A step ahead of sitting in front of the TV, taking notes while watching The Millionaire Matchmaker.  A step behind “It’s Complicated.”  Definitely in crush stage.  Party has usually hung out with aforementioned crush at least once.

Single-ish.  It can be the best and the worst place to be.  On one hand, you have someone who creeps into your thoughts and provide a nice distraction from pounding away at PowerPoint.  On the other hand, you’re back into relationship purgatory, where you begin wondering where it’s going and how he feels.  Like everything else in the dating gray area, it’s a double-edged sword.  And you’re teetering on the hilt. Continue reading

Interns Interns Interns

My favorite new South Asian art gallery in Philadelphia (ah heck, who am I kidding, the only South Asian art gallery in Philly) is looking for some bright young folks interested in working at their gallery.

They write:

Twelve Gates Art Gallery seeks part-time interns. Twelve Gates specializes in South Asian art. Students of South Asian Art/Art History will be preferred.

The candidates will assist gallery management in the full spectrum of gallery operations including show installations, marketing which includes emailing exhibition promos to clients, Creating annoucements cards, managing mysql databases of clients and artwork photos, answering phone calls and interacting with visitors.

The gallery regularly hosts special events like film screenings and concerts. Active participation in their planning is required.

Basic knowledge of photoshop, php, perl, pdf, excel a plus. These skills will be taught if needed.

This is an unpaid internship but it will be a great opportunity for the intern to gain some exciting art gallery experience.

To apply email your resume and cover letter to

P.S. Don’t forget to follow Twelve Gates Art Gallery on Twitter.


Specifically directed towards the ladies. (Although, I urge all of you to try and stay covered, unless there’s another naked bike race I don’t know about.) So remember beer-drinking day? Well, that’s postponed until after Ramadan. (But seriously, suggest a pub, I’ll totally be there.) Now it’s time to focus on pant-wearing day.

A Sudanese woman who wore pants in public was fined the equivalent of $200 but spared a whipping on Monday when a court found her guilty of violating Sudan’s decency laws. The woman, Lubna Hussein, an outspoken journalist who had recently worked for the United Nations, faced up to 40 lashes in the case, which has generated considerable interest both inside and outside Sudan. [Link.]

Ah, ye olde ‘pants are immodest’ debate. Alas, I’ve had that discussion one too many times with my friends. You see, I didn’t wear pants until I was 18. None of the girls in my family wore pants. When your parents decide you’re going to a conservative Mennonite school, it’s all about the dresses.  Long, floral-print dresses that go to your ankles.  My mom made dresses for me and my sister for years. And after the dresses, the long skirts. (Which did, however, endear me to the only Orthodox girl at our school.) Continue reading

Upcoming Event: Blame-a-Thon

Mr. Jones on fashion and fundraising for a good cause…

Phillygrrl asked me to be the fashion guy on the site and I have a strange weakness for theme tees, but this one has a legitimate purpose. Then check out the press release below and buy some tickets. Really, support a local institution….

When New Jersey native Drew Olanoff was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on May 9, he decided to blame his cancer for everything. Losing his keys, misplacing his wallet – any annoyance, obstacle, or tragedy in his life became an opportunity to beat up on cancer. He offered Twitter users the ability to do the same. Tweet using the tag #blamedrewscancer, and blame Drew’s cancer for it – whatever it is.

Since May, over 11,000 unique Twitter users have blamed Drew’s cancer, while Twitter-fueled events have raised over $10,000 for cancer-related charities. Continue reading