You’ve found someone you liked.  Things are going well.  You’re still single…or are you?  SingleInPhillyGrrl tackles the latest relationship term since Facebook came out with “It’s Complicated”: Single-ish.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, PG readers; work has been kicking my butt and I haven’t been able to get on and share my half-baked theories on the single life.  It’s good to be back.  Let’s dive into this, shall we.

The term: Single-ish.

The definition: A step ahead of sitting in front of the TV, taking notes while watching The Millionaire Matchmaker.  A step behind “It’s Complicated.”  Definitely in crush stage.  Party has usually hung out with aforementioned crush at least once.

Single-ish.  It can be the best and the worst place to be.  On one hand, you have someone who creeps into your thoughts and provide a nice distraction from pounding away at PowerPoint.  On the other hand, you’re back into relationship purgatory, where you begin wondering where it’s going and how he feels.  Like everything else in the dating gray area, it’s a double-edged sword.  And you’re teetering on the hilt.

What’s a SingleGrrl/Guy to do?

First and foremost, enjoy this phase.  If it proceeds into “It’s Complicated” territory, you’ll be even more confused.  Definitely enjoy the daydreams, but remember to snap back into it before the thoughts stray too far (as in ladies, stop imagining your name next to his last name.  I know you do it.  Just don’t do it.)

Next, don’t obsess.  I know it’s easier said than done, but it is an imperitive survival skill if you’re going to make it through the relationship purgatory into coupleville, and not back on the solo single side.  It’s easy to get sidetracked and daydream about what could happen, but you better learn to keep your thoughts in check.  Wayward daydreams have a funny way of subconsciously working their way into conversations and actions, and can lead to the demise of what could have been a relationship.  Seriously.  This SingleGrrl is speaking from experience.

Keep the daydreams in check.  Watch what you say and do.  Be grateful for the fact that you’re no longer obsessing over Rafael Nadal and are captivated by someone you actually know.  And enjoy the ride…you may never know where you end up.


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