Lawyerly Inspiration Part II

The law blog roundup. Okay, you knew this was going to happen, right? You knew I had serious, serious plans to turn this into one of those whiny law school advice blogs, right? Mehbe not, we’ll see. But I have been reading way too many law blogs for the past few weeks and I definitely found some gems out there. This week’s two favorites?  Huma Rashid & John Infante. Let’s just say these two kids  have no lives. They blog and they go to school, i.e. no lives. Not sure how they do it, but I’ve gotta give ’em mad props.

  • 5wyuchThe Reasonably Prudent Law Student. Huma Rashid is great to visit whether you’re in grad school or just looking for a place to find something to wear to work.  (Although she also did a nice Kanye post that I very much enjoyed. Especially the puppies part.) My favorite part of Huma’s blog is her Business Casual Superstar series. You give Huma a look and she’ll come back with an outfit under $100. Check out her snarky bit on finding clothes modeled after Megan Fox’s look.  (And here’s one for you, gents.) And if you’re a Twitterer, don’t check her Tweets out while you’re in class. You will laugh out loud. (On a sidenote, for the longest time, I thought her blog was “the reasonably prudish law student,” from which misreading I derived great amusement.)

john infante

  • Fearfully Optimistic. The blog’s motto is “Putting the cool back into law school.” But it’s a lot more than that. On this site, former law student John Enfante writes out a carefully-thought-out guide for the nervous 1-L, the likes of which I wish somebody would bind in a book and send to school with me. But I don’t really have too much time to read law blogs all day long. Which is why I love the Tumblr version of his site, where he gathers these cute/concise/apt law-school related quotes. And when I’m really busy? Twitter.

Hopefully these two will continue blogging about law school so I don’t have to. Because lord knows I don’t know enough yet to give advice. Yet.


2 responses to “Lawyerly Inspiration Part II

  1. Reasonably prudish? Bahahaha! Love it. :-D And thank you!

  2. haa, those are good sites I especially like the ” Make sure the reading you spend ALL DAY doing is ACTUALLY the reading you’re SUPPOSED to be doing.”

    I can attest this mistake still happens when your a 2L too, sadly.

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