Daily Archives: January 27, 2010

Sunny Ali & The Kid at Tritone TONIGHT

About a month ago, I did an interview on Sepia Mutiny with Hassan Malik Ali, formerly of  POPOS. He mentioned then that he was starting a solo project under the name “Sunny Ali.” Tonight, Ali joins The Lopez, The Mighty Paradocs, Brik-a-Brak (member of Drake) at the Tritone on South Street.

Show starts at 9PM and runs till 1AM. Ali should be playing at 10PM. Tickets are $5. Here’s the electronic version of a romantic song called “I oh you“exclusively for PG readers. It’s my favorite of his works. (There’s also an acoustic version that hopefully I can convince him to share with us later.) Enjoy.

Sunny Ali & The Kid

Wednesday, January 27 at 9PM


1508 South Street

Philadelphia, PA 19146


[Photo credit: M. Edlow]