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Philly Girls, Didja Date This Dude?

If so, please contact the authorities. ‘Cause dude is bad news. Not like a never-calls-you-or-hangs-out-with-you kind of jerk, but more like a drains-your-bank-account kind of jerk.

Read my post at Sepia Mutiny for more information.

Kabbalah Schmabbalah

TipsyGrrl hunts for the truth about the vodka made with babies…

My response alternated between amused and appalled when I came across this the other day.

“Kabbalah Vodka — with Christian Infants” first appeared on the entertainment blog English Russia this past December. Accompanying photos show each bottle of the premium distilled spirit featuring a pouty handmade glass infant sculpture inside.

The tag line and bottle design play off the old wives tales and myths that ancient Jewish rituals required the blood of non-Jewish children. (Kabbalah is a philosophy dealing with mystical Orthodox Judaism. It is the religion practiced by Madonna, Britney Spears, Barbara Streisand and several other celebs.) Continue reading

Discounted Tickets for Asian Arts Initative Festival

Not a week goes by where I’m not mad crushing over some event that the Asian Arts Initative has organized. This week is no different. Their latest offering is called Home: Far and Near.

“The festival  features 4 nights of 8 different Asian American performance-based artists from around the country. From March 25th-27, various artists will be performing excerpts from solo shows, and April 3rd all 8 artists will be performing a dynamic ensemble.”

The festival features artists from all over the country, but Philadelphia-based artists include: Continue reading

Lushlife Playing at SXSW

This just in from Lushlife aka Raj Haldar. He does a great live performance, so if you’re at SXSW, check him out:

Philadelphia’s Lushlife has always thrived on pushing listeners’ buttons when it comes to their perceptions of what hip-hop can be.  Whether it’s building a boom-bap rap track out of hyper chopped samples of lo-fi indie songwriter Ariel Pink, incorporating instruments like mandolin and live horns into his stage show, or soliciting remixes from psychedelic pop artists, it’s clear that Lushlife has an all-encompassing view of hip-hop that he wants to impress on the world.  With his latest leak, the emcee/producer repurposes a track from Georgia glo-fi outfit Washed Out, transporting the track’s beach side vibe to the street corner, & improbably conjuring images of Nas rapping over the 80’s synth heavy “Wild Style” soundtrack. ” Continue reading

Why Aren’t Colleges Protecting Our Girls?

When I was a senior in college, another student told me about a disturbing incident involving her roommate, a story I never forgot. One night, while alone in the women’s restroom, Jessica (not her real name) was startled when a group of male students walked into the room. At first she thought it was a mistake and was embarrassed. But only when they continued to walk towards her did she realize that they had intended to come in, perhaps had even followed her as she approached the bathroom with her shower gear. She tried to fight them off as best she could, using the techniques they’d taught her during that one hour in freshman orientation. But to no avail. Before she knew it, they were all around her, groping her as she tried to twist away.

The incident lasted all of several minutes. They left quickly, leaving Jessica sobbing on the bathroom floor. Once an outgoing honors students, Jessica stopped going to classes and was soon in danger of failing her classes. The trauma from that incident almost ruined her – both emotionally and academically. My classmate never told me the remaining details– whether or not Jessica decided to report the incident or if she chose to deal with it on her own – but I remember shivering and thinking to myself ‘Maybe being a commuter student is not so bad after all.’

Continue reading

Dilemma: Eating When Drinking

TipsyGrrl delves into the science of getting drunk…

If I order a cocktail when I sit down at a table in a restaurant, I want it brought out before my appetizer. I don’t care if the bar is packed, or if the kitchen is rushed. I have been known to walk out on spots that don’t follow this etiquette. I want to drink a bit before I eat.

While taste and flavor are perfectly good reasons to enjoy a glass, the point behind drinking alcohol is — at least on some level — to get a buzz. Which brings up a question that faces all tippling persons: when should I supplement my liquid with food? Continue reading

Join Me at Gener8tion Run

I hate running, I really do. Seriously, nobody hates running as much as I do. When I was in middle school, our gym teacher would make us run laps twice a week around the soccer field. That was pretty much the worst part of the week for me. Midway though the first lap, sides aching, I would slow down till I was far behind the others. Sometimes they would all finish ahead of me and I would have to half-run, half-walk all by myself while the gym teacher waited for me to finish. It was humiliating and awful and it kept me away from running for the longest time.

But now, I’m giving it another chance – thanks to the encouragement of friends like PhillyChitChat and the Philly Blogger Joggers. But the biggest motivating factor for me was Students Run Philly Style, the only program in Philadelphia that offers marathon training to Philadelphia youth. I often find myself writing about Students Run Philly Style at my day job and the stories of the students involved never fail to amaze me. Like this one, about Anthony.

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