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Brendan Plays Rockabilly

Join Brendan Skwire (of The Dill Pickles) this Saturday, April 24 as he slaps bass with the Super Devils at Murph’s Bar in Fishtown.  This time he’s not playing bluegrass, he’s playing rockabilly. Yeah, I had to look that up too. Whatever it is, it’ll be guaranteed fun. Bring your dancing shoes. Doors open at 8PM, Brendan starts playing at 10. I saw Brendan play a number of times last summer. He always delivers a great show. If you thought bluegrass rockabilly in Philly was dead, think again.

Quick Rant: The Boyfriend Jeans

I cannot for the life of me understand the whole boyfriend jean trend going on right now. Why, ladies, why? Why would anyone voluntarily wear a beaten-up, ill-fitting piece of denim? Clearly, I’m not cool enough to understand fashion trends. At least that’s what my sister told me this weekend when I turned to her, baffled by the two brand-new pairs of Express boyfriend jeans I found in her closet. Even though there is about a 20-pound difference between us, we tend to share the same clothes. Mostly because I wear clothes that are too tight while she prefers hers three sizes too large. It usually works out perfectly. But no matter how much I adjusted those boyfriend jeans, they still looked sloppy and unkempt. All I needed was a piece of twine and I could be any hobo anywhere in America. Continue reading

Study: Cleverer Women Drink More

TipsyGrrl ponders the odd connection between doing well on tests and drinking more.

And no, unfortunately, the London School of Economics study did not draw the inverse causal connection: that drinking more leads to being smarter. (Which was my first thought when I saw the headline. Back to reality…)

As reported by the UK Telegraph, what this large study (with between 9,500 and 17,000 subjects) did find was that better-educated women are the ones who engage in high levels or high frequency of alcohol consumption. Women with higher-ed degrees were found to be 86% more likely to “engage the most in problematic patterns of alcohol consumption” than those less educated. Continue reading

Chai Chat with SABA Philly

Some of you lawyerly folks may find this event interesting. And for you Twitter folks, follow Anil on Twitter!

The South Asian Bar Association of Philadelphia presents:

Chai Chat

Featuring Professor Anil Kalhan, Associate Professor of Law at Earle Mack School of Law, Drexel University

Rethinking Immigration Detention

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5:30 – 7Pm

at the offices of

Kolsby Gordon Robin Shore & Bezar LLP

2000 Market Street – 28th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Chai and other light refreshments will be served.

RSVPs to by Friday, April 2, 2010

Waffles, Not Burqas

Dear Belgium,

Yesterday one of your idiotic lawmakers stated, “We cannot allow someone to claim the right to look at others without being seen… It is necessary that the law forbids the wearing of clothes that totally mask and enclose an individual. Wearing the burqa in public is not compatible with an open, liberal, tolerant society.” May I suggest you find a dictionary, look up the words “open,” “liberal,” and “tolerant” and then use aforementioned dictionary to bash yourself in the face? Okay, thanks.

Oh yeah, and to respond to French President Sarkozy who said, “The all-body veil is contrary to the dignity of women…The answer is to ban it,” guess what? Violence is contrary to the dignity of women. The denial of basic human rights is contrary to the dignity of women. But having the freedom to define yourself through your clothing? That, my dear sir is not contrary to the dignity of women. (Frankly, I think your face is contrary to the dignity of women, but heck, if Carla Bruni can take it…)

In conclusion, how about you two go back to making your respective foodstuffs, and leave the ‘safeguarding’ of ‘women’s dignity’ to someone else. The world thanks you for leaving your curious schnozzes out of women’s closets.

Spitefully yours,