For All You Hinglish Fans

Photo Credit: Beat & Boom

When I was 19 years old, I listened to all the Hinglish UK pop music my older brother introduced me to. It included: Rishi Rich, Jay Sean and Raghav. Back then, I didn’t know anybody outside of my family circle who knew who these singers were. Imagine my delight then when my editor at MTV Desi invited me to a video shoot with Raghav, the Canadian-born singer who took the desi world by storm back in 2004 with the release of the UK desi chart-topper Storyteller, featuring the catchy “Angel Eyes.” Then he disappeared for a bit, only to release Identity in 2009 – but only in India. Now he’s back with The Phoenix and a new single, “So Much.”

The first time I heard about Raghav’s comeback was when a friend texted me from a Phillies game to tell me that the singer was performing there. I went on a complete Raghav memory trip, listening to his albums on repeat for days. Unlike Jay Sean, Raghav’s appeal for me lies not in his looks or dancing, but in his original Hindi songs. But that’s my personal preference. Can’t say I love all his songs, but the teen I was is crossing her fingers for Raghav’s success. Dude can sing.

Anyway, just for kicks, I took a few pictures of the video shoot, which ended up going on the site. You can find them on MTV Desi here. And I also ended up writing a behind-the-scenes post. But if you’re a Raghav fan, you definitely should watch the awesome interview the lovely Shenaz did with Raghav. And the rooftop acoustic performance. True story, the best part of the night wasn’t actually meeting Raghav himself, it was hearing him answer interview questions I helped write.


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