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My 5 Favorite Talkadelphia Interviews

So back in October, I told you about a new project I was working on called Talkadelphia. The premise was simple: Instead of writing about them like I usually do, Gino and I would interview all of the interesting Philadelphians that we knew so that you could hear their stories firsthand. A lot of folks told me podcasting was a stupid idea given the deteriorating attention span of the average American in the Internet age. But I refuse to believe that nobody wants to hear first-hand from the folks we’ve covered. So shove it, haters.

Twenty plus episodes later, I’ve learned a few things. First of all, podcasting is a lot more work than the simple Q&As I usually write. Whereas an average profile would take me roughly 3-4 hours to compile (interview/transcribe/edit /write/re-write), one podcast episode can easily take twice that much time. So if you are planning to seriously commit to a podcast, kiss your social life away. Or just make your social life a part of your podcast, like we do. Continue reading