Talkadelphia Named Best New Podcast

In day and age, nobody  will ever listen to an hour-long podcast, right? Wrong.  In October of last year, Gino and myself set out to co-produce and co-host a weekly show called Talkadelphia. It operated on the premise that between the two of us – we could find enough interesting Philadelphians to keep the conversation going for a year. Almost 11 months later, we were stunned to be recognized as Best New Podcast by the Philly Geek Awards this past Friday, August 19.

Thank you, Philadelphia geek community. Thank you Eric Smith, Michaelangelo Ilagan and Tim Quirino of Geekadelphia. Thank you to the Academy (of Natural Sciences.) Thank you to our fellow nominees: StoryShuffle, SociallyInterrupted, PoemTalk and Cinedork.

Jon Hoffman and Chris Schmidt (L-R) from Socially Interrupted pose with us after the Philly Geek Awards.

Thank you to our designer, Kunjan Shah, for volunteering to create our website and to Becky Klimowicz for designing our logo. Thank you Philadelphia for believing in the work we do. Your passion and creativity inspires us. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for following us on Twitter, supporting us on Facebook and downloading our episodes on iTunes. Thank you for your feedback and your encouragement. And finally, thank you for listening.


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