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Gene Marks Takes On the Role of “A Poor Black Kid”

Every wonder what it’s really like to be a poor black kid? In an article titled “If I Were A Poor Black Kid,” Forbes contributor and Philadelphia entrepreneur Gene Marks gives it a few seconds of thought.  To save all of you busy people some time, I thought I’d share my own summary of his article. (FYI: Title stolen from my friend Joel.) Here, in short, is what Marks writes:

“If I Were A Poor Black Kid, I’d Use All the Advantages I Have from Not Being a Poor Black Kid”

Obama. Obama. Obama.

I’m not a poor black kid living in West Philadelphia. But if I were, I would study really hard and go to a good school! But I’m not a poor black kid. But if I were,  I would take advantage of each and every opportunity I could. But I’m not. But if I were a poor black kid, I would take advantage of every resource out there. But I’m not. But if I were…. But I’m not… But if I were… But I’m not.

Obama. Obama. Obama.

The end.

Okay. Maybe he says it a little differently. Or does he? You tell me.

2011 Philebrity Awards: Philadelphia City Paper vs. Philadelphia Weekly

There’s only one category that interests me in the 2011 Philebrity Awards: General Excellence in Writing for a City Publication. This year – two of my favorite writers – Philadelphia Weekly’s Tara Murtha and Philadelphia City Paper’s Daniel Denvir – received a nomination. As an avid reader of Murtha and Denvir in print, I was also delighted earlier this year to find both to be personable and informative on the Twitters. But who gets the vote? When I pondered the question on Twitter and jokingly suggested a jello wrestling match to help me decide the fight, Mr.  Denvir, who started writing for CP six months ago, kindly sent me the following:

I have exposed the weird and right-wing ways of “gun-toting, gay-bashing, tea-partying” state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, uncovered landlords treating low-income Section 8 tenants like crap, revealed that ousted schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman used the District’s communications office as a personal propaganda machine.

I have shown how poor black and Latina mothers can have their children taken away because they smoke pot, and how horribly bad sex ed in Philly public schools is. I wrote about how one South Philly drug trafficker from an infamous mob family serving life without parole became a civil rights fighter against the drug war.

I have criticized local media outlets when they fell short, including the Inquirer’s baseless and extensive campaign to arm school cops and the Daily News‘ regurgitation of a bizarre conspiracy theory that loads of anarchists were being bused in from other cities to Occupy Philly. And I have used my new “Hostile Witness” column to take District Attorney Seth Williams to task for failing to ensure that people convicted of crimes are really guilty.

I have written about Philly for national publications like Salon, The Guardian and The Atlantic where we, the nation’s fifth largest city, almost never get any attention.

Thanks for your support. Vote here:


Daniel Denvir

So there you have it, kids. Head over to Philebrity and  vote away.

Notes from the Vogue India September 2011 Issue

As a longtime Vogue reader and a former fashion-obsessed contributor to MTV Desi (Fashion Faceoff RIP), I’ve been itching to get my fingers on a print edition of Vogue India.  Over Thanksgiving, when I visited Maharani Music in Houston, one of the few places I’ve found that actually carries legit copies of Bollywood movies and music, I was delighted to procure a copy of the Vogue India September 2011 issue for sale.  On the plane back, I finally opened up the magazine.  And, as is my custom, I took a few notes so I could refer back later. Here, for your enjoyment, are those notes. Continue reading