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You’ve found someone you liked.  Things are going well.  You’re still single…or are you?  SingleInPhillyGrrl tackles the latest relationship term since Facebook came out with “It’s Complicated”: Single-ish.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, PG readers; work has been kicking my butt and I haven’t been able to get on and share my half-baked theories on the single life.  It’s good to be back.  Let’s dive into this, shall we.

The term: Single-ish.

The definition: A step ahead of sitting in front of the TV, taking notes while watching The Millionaire Matchmaker.  A step behind “It’s Complicated.”  Definitely in crush stage.  Party has usually hung out with aforementioned crush at least once.

Single-ish.  It can be the best and the worst place to be.  On one hand, you have someone who creeps into your thoughts and provide a nice distraction from pounding away at PowerPoint.  On the other hand, you’re back into relationship purgatory, where you begin wondering where it’s going and how he feels.  Like everything else in the dating gray area, it’s a double-edged sword.  And you’re teetering on the hilt. Continue reading


Sports and SingleInPhillyGrrl: Let’s talk Vick and the Eagles for 2009

Since all the PG men have been silent on this issue,  SingleInPhillyGrrl takes on Vick and what it means for the Eagles.

Like many Philadelphia residents, I am a stark-mad, crazy lunatic when it comes to our sports teams (specifically the Eagles and Phillies).  I take a sports hiatus from February to April (between football and baseball seasons) to let my voice return, my blood pressure to come down, and to wear colors other than green and red.

It’s a disease.  And I don’t want the cure. Continue reading

Forget Long-Distance Relationship. Long-Distance Marriage?

SingleInPhillyGrrl takes on the latest in matrimonial bliss: the long-distance marriage…

I harbor a love of really cheesy, really terrible reality TV.  The Real Housewives franchise?  I don’t miss an episode.  Top Chef?  Words can’t express my excitement about three Philadelphia chefs competing in the upcoming season in Las Vegas.  I’m completely obsessed with the lives and drama that surround the seven friends on Bravo’s latest brain-candy, Miami Social.  But even the sunny lives of the beautiful Miami folk are trumped by my new favorite, Giuliana & Bill.

Continue reading

The SingleInPhillyGrrl Take on Dating Bloggers

Looks like I opened a can of worms with my “How to date a blogger” post. PG’s latest guest contributor, SingleInPhillyGrrl dishes on dating and da web…

I’m truly grateful for PhillyGrrl’s post on How to date a blogger.  Because I have a blog crush on the Philadelphia Phillies Examiner writer (c’mon ladies, a guy who loves baseball AND Oasis?  Swoon).  Granted, the cat will be out of the bag if he should ever read this…but that’s the main point of being a dating blogger…

…no shame, no fear in what you write.  That’s what Erin Meanley of Glamour’s Single-ish writes on jinxing potential relationships:

“I would think that because I was getting excited and telling people, the universe was somehow listening and poised to strike out and punish me. As though it were not only impossible but illegal to be that happy. I had forgotten about jinxing because now of course, I’ve gone beyond telling a third party about a cute guy I have just met. Instead, I blog about it to the universe.” Continue reading

SingleGrrl Goes To Bar Alone

Guest contributor SingleInPhillyGrrl isn’t afraid of anything. Except for going to bars alone…

So, PG readers, I will be utilizing posts from my Singles Guide at  Deal with it.

And PG readers get the benefit of knowing how I REALLY feel about certain dating topics.  Going to a bar alone.  Here we go…

As a preface–I hate going out in public alone.  Even if it’s waiting for friends at happy hour or dinner, staring a menu as the minutes click on by…I hate it.  This is probably why I bought myself an iPhone and now look like a total fool while playing the iBowl game when waiting for friends…but I digress.  Point is, I hate being alone.

Which is why, wonder of wonders, tonight I felt the need to go to my hotel bar alone.  For a drink.  Post-dinner with a group of 20. Continue reading

Welcome the newest phillygrrl!


That’s right, folks. Please join me in welcoming our latest guest contributor, SingleInPhillyGrrl! She writes:

Hi.  I’m SingleInPhillyGrrl.  If there are two things I know well, it’s the single life and the City of Brotherly Love.  I’ve seen the best, the worst, and the ugliest that our fair city has to offer its inhabitants when it comes to the dating life, and am ready to dish.  I will tell you the best Philadelphia dates, the types of guys/girls NOT to be, and guide you every step of the thorny, complicated dating path.

Dating is the sport.  And I’m your John Madden.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Boys, don’t be this guy.  Girls, don’t be this gal.

Talk to you soon, Philadelphia.