Phillygrrl is your (almost) typical Philly girl. She also writes for MTVDesi, uwishunu , Phawker and Sepia Mutiny. You can also find her podcasting on Talkadelphia. You can reach her at Or Twitter.

TipsyGrrl grew up in fast-paced NYC, where she began her examination of alcohol at an early age. With slightly more restraint, and infinitely more taste, she continues her research almost daily in her adopted & adored hometown of Philadelphia. You can reach her at Or Twitter.

ThaBooger is not a phillygrrl. In fact, he is a caliboy. But he lives around Philly now and is trying to grow accustomed to its strange strange customs. He likes to spend hours on YouTube every day trying to find the randomest videos ever. Oh yeah. And he’s the nicest guy you’ll never meet. You can reach him at Or Twitter.

DonBito is a born-and-bred phillyboi who is cooler than you, where: you < cat’s pajamas < Don Bito. When not blogging for Phillygrrl, Don Bito can be found road tripping, throwing roof parties, and spending quality time with her bed. She is also a serial blogger who was last known to spit knowledge at Adelphia Stories. You can reach her at Or Twitter.

TheLincMeister is a phillygrrl from Northeast Philadelphia whose journalism talents far surpass Phillygrrl’s. As does her knowledge of all things Bollywood. Aw heck, she’s basically one of the most interesting people you’ll never meet. You can reach her at

JDavis85 was a philly frat boy. Until he up and left for China and decided to teach English to students. Go figure. Now he writes for PG. He can also be found on Personal Musings.

The Mad Foodie is mad. He loves food, but he hates what some people do with it. He considers his life mission to educate the less educated about how awesome food can be…and if he has to bust a few heads along the way, so be it. He writes for Adelphia Stories. He’s also known as the host of the Geekly World News. He can be reached at Or Twitter.

SingleInPhillyGrrl works hard, plays hard and writes tough. When she’s not telling you what every single girl in Philadelphia needs to know before taking on the dating game, she’s jogging down Broad Street training for half-marathons, going to school and watching way too much primetime television. She also writes for The Philadelphia Examiner, The Indian American Story and The Desi Diva. You can follow her on Twitter.

Djwild11 is an actor, former high-school English teacher and all-around superman. When he’s not appearing in soap operas or some grand Shakespearan drama, he can be found puttering around Facebook, stalking former students  or trying to convince Phillygrrl that she should quite this idiotic blog business and co-author a book with him.