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Just had my first

Vietnamese hoagie. From  Mi Lah Vegetarian Restaurant, on 218 S 16th St. It was good. Oh so good. And unlike a cheese steak (sorry guys), it didn’t leave the heavy, greasy feeling that can only come with a Whiz-topped pound of steak.

I’ve been meaning to try one for a while. Six more spots left to try! These ones (which look considerably cheaper!)

And of course my pal, PhilaFoodies suggestion, Q.T.

“In a city whose identity has been so closely linked to one sandwich, it’s not surprising that the Vietnamese hoagie, or bánh mi, has not gained more of a foothold here. In fact, until Q.T. Vietnamese Sandwich snuck onto 10th and Arch, it was easier to find authentic renditions in South Philly than in Chinatown.”

Where the Vietnamese hoagie is, there I shall follow.