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Friday Fun


Great, now Brendan’s not riding SEPTA

And that’s one less good person on your train.


There goes Brendan Skwire. Walking away from SEPTA in disgust. Photo credit: Ray Skwire

So here’s Brendan. Philly advocate. My Drinking Liberally buddy. One of my favorite PG commenters. And now? Ex-SEPTA rider.

Here’s what he writes on his (fantastic) blog, Brendan Calling:

“Last night I rode SEPTA regional rail for the first time in a few years. It wasn’t really by choice: my car broke down and I had to get out to Narberth to pick with the Dill Pickles. My buddy Nik said that once you get on the train it takes about 15 minutes to get there.”

You know where he’s going with this. (Yup, yet another SEPTA fail for Albert Yee’s collection.) Read the entire story here. Poor guy, he was just trying to get to his band gig.

He ends by writing:

“I will NEVER ride the regional rail again except for the purpose of entertaining my kid. I won’t even use it in an emergency: I’d just as soon take my bike or hail a cab in THIS city. For me, SEPTA’s regional lines serve no serious purpose: it’s one thing to add an extra hour to your commute when you’re trying make a train on time. It’s another entirely to add TWO extra hours to your commute because the trains show up 45 minutes late.

They should change the name of the Philly’s monopoly on transit to SCHLEPTA. It fits a whole lot better.”

Yikes! NEVER? In all-caps? That’s serious business. I can’t imagine never riding SEPTA again. I love SEPTA. Well, the people and the experience more than the actual entity. However, as Phawker’s SEPTA Girl, I should probably respond to Brendan’s post. Wait, why should I say something? I didn’t make Brendan late. I didn’t screw up his evening. I’m not responsible. SEPTA is. SEPTA should apologize. But they probably won’t.

So here we go: Continue reading

Bowling UPDATE

A bunch of folks were outraged after reading my post last Sunday. Last Wednesday, Brendan Calling wrote:

“Until i read an update at Phillygrrl, I have one thing to say to Thunderturd lanes: there are plenty of other bowling alleys in Philadelphia.”

Well, here’s the update folks. No response. That’s right. Despite my readers assuring me they sent the link to Thunderbird Lanes. Despite repeated dialogue between Thunderbird Lanes via this site, I didn’t receive one email from anybody at Thunderbird Lanes. Not one. Seriously all I want is a simple, “Sorry your visit sucked” email. Is it too much to ask?

So I guess I have to do it their way. “Please contact the bowling center directly so that we can rectify the situation ASAP.” Sigh. Not really looking forward to this. I really don’t wish to speak to any of the rude folks at that alley. Perhaps I’ll contact the folks Mithras tracked down for me. I’ve probably dragged my feet on this thing so long, they probably forgot about it.  Good thing I didn’t.