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Gene Marks Takes On the Role of “A Poor Black Kid”

Every wonder what it’s really like to be a poor black kid? In an article titled “If I Were A Poor Black Kid,” Forbes contributor and Philadelphia entrepreneur Gene Marks gives it a few seconds of thought.  To save all of you busy people some time, I thought I’d share my own summary of his article. (FYI: Title stolen from my friend Joel.) Here, in short, is what Marks writes:

“If I Were A Poor Black Kid, I’d Use All the Advantages I Have from Not Being a Poor Black Kid”

Obama. Obama. Obama.

I’m not a poor black kid living in West Philadelphia. But if I were, I would study really hard and go to a good school! But I’m not a poor black kid. But if I were,  I would take advantage of each and every opportunity I could. But I’m not. But if I were a poor black kid, I would take advantage of every resource out there. But I’m not. But if I were…. But I’m not… But if I were… But I’m not.

Obama. Obama. Obama.

The end.

Okay. Maybe he says it a little differently. Or does he? You tell me.


My high school gets fancy

Check these kids out! I didn’t realize they made high school kids so young nowadays.  Look at them doing some viral marketing. Fancy stuff! Go Lancers!