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The SingleInPhillyGrrl Take on Dating Bloggers

Looks like I opened a can of worms with my “How to date a blogger” post. PG’s latest guest contributor, SingleInPhillyGrrl dishes on dating and da web…

I’m truly grateful for PhillyGrrl’s post on How to date a blogger.  Because I have a blog crush on the Philadelphia Phillies Examiner writer (c’mon ladies, a guy who loves baseball AND Oasis?  Swoon).  Granted, the cat will be out of the bag if he should ever read this…but that’s the main point of being a dating blogger…

…no shame, no fear in what you write.  That’s what Erin Meanley of Glamour’s Single-ish writes on jinxing potential relationships:

“I would think that because I was getting excited and telling people, the universe was somehow listening and poised to strike out and punish me. As though it were not only impossible but illegal to be that happy. I had forgotten about jinxing because now of course, I’ve gone beyond telling a third party about a cute guy I have just met. Instead, I blog about it to the universe.” Continue reading


Desi Frats/Sororities Confuse Me

Okay, I admit it. I have a wee bit of a girlcrush on ABC’s Greek star, Dilshad Vadsaria (check out her fancy site), who plays the role of Rebecca Logan. She’s gorgeous. She’s Pakistani (and also Portuguese and Indian, so I’m thinking Goan, perhaps?). Her favorite book is my favorite book. Plus, she’s kinda, sorta a Philadelphian (once a Philadelphian, always a Philadelphian, right?). So basically my alter-ego if I were to fulfill my dream of acting/waitressing/getting a nose-job/losing 50 lbs/traumatizing my parents.

What little I’ve seen of Greek isn’t compelling (men may beg to differ), but it did kinda remind me of my college time. How so? All the desi frats/sororities on college. Continue reading

From Bumbleology

Check out this post:

“Anyway, I am SICK of people asking me why I didn’t continue with a career in hair.  This question is usually followed by a question about what I am majoring in now.  Which is then followed by, “What are you going to do with an Environmental Science degree?”.  I’m sick of answering this question. I’m going to start telling people that I plan on becoming a dump truck driver when I graduate college. ”

I love Bumble’s writing. Read more.

So where are they?

Someone should start a newspaper to report on newspapers. (Please, no Brian Tierney jokes.)

Ever since I was a wee little intern at a certain alt-weekly here in Philly, I’ve wanted to get my hands on stats that tell me the racial makeup of newsrooms of local papers. (Yes, I was the lone raisin floating in a sea of oatmeal. It’s all good. No worries. I can handle it ;) ). Continue reading

Penn. Masala. Spring Concert. 3.28

Why don’t I know more Indians?

I totally missed the details of Penn Masala’s spring 2009 concert. So bummed.

My fanlove knows no limits. I just canceled the boy’s birthday party. Right. This. Moment. Because Penn Masala has been my true love for a lot longer than any mere (non a cappella-singing) male. Continue reading

I’m in love with Ramit Sethi

I really am. I love his site. I love him. I love his site. Did I mention I love him?

Okay, so when he and his peeps from IWillTeachYouToBeRich contacted me about his new book, I had to read it. Even though I hate self-help books. Who am I kidding, I’m constantly reading self-help books. They generally suck. This one doesn’t.

Consensus: The first chapter is great! Seriously, Ramit, you missed your calling. Forget finance, this guy should be a novelist. But then…who would help me balance my checkbook? Continue reading