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From my friend Anita:

It’s that time of year again! Most of you know that I’m involved with
SEWAA (Service and Education for Women Against Abuse).
SEWAA, in collaboration with NetIP Phildelphia, is having our
annual fundraising event:

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
This is a walk for Peace in Protest of Domestic Violence.

Registration starts at 8:30 am. Event Begins at 10am.

It will be held at FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) Park, We will be meeting in front of the boat house, across from the Swedish Museum.

Please join us in commemorating the International Day of Non
Violence, National Domestic Violence Month, and Gandhi Jayanthi (Gandhi’s Birthday) by participating in a 5k walk to help raise funds to provide better supports and services for South Asian women and their families who are victims of domestic violence.

To register to walk in this event is $25 per person. You can register the day of the event. But if you register early or contact me before the event you will get a FREE T-SHIRT! Ask your family members, friends, and co-workers to sponsor your walk. Sponsors can donate any amount they wish. Please bring your donations with you on the day of the event.  A PRIZE will go to the walker who raises the most money.

For pledge forms or any questions please email Anita Prabhakaran at agp1231@yahoo.com


Let’s not forget about domestic violence

Okay, so I’m in the middle of cementing my schedule at the WAA shelter. In honor of that, I thought I’d share my favorite song about domestic violence. (And it happens to be country, which is good, because I love country.) I always get a little teary around 1:25.

“What About Us?”

Guest blooger thab00ger on male domestic violence issues…..


This actually looks really fun...oh baby!

I was hangin’ out with my cousins last night and we came across the “How Can She Slap” video on YouTube. It’s a clip from an Indian game show where this lady (dressed like a dominatrix) comes out and insults the contestants and makes them to weird things. I understand all the sh*t talking –  I mean that’s part of the show and all but at one point one contestant talks back to the lady and she ends up slapping him fairly hard in the face. That’s when the ownage ensues. He ends up slapping her back and then ends up being kicked around by a bunch of male audience members and people who worked on stage (probably thinking they would get laid or maybe get their pickle tickled if they came to her rescue… uhhh no sorry boys.) Continue reading