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“Can I Tweet @ Work?”


So I heard an interesting story the other day. I was at a dinner and a friend mentioned that their boss had made the decision to enforce an interesting Internet policy at work. A filter? Nope. A ban on social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter? Nope.

Apparently, this friend’s boss decided that his employees should be prohibited from ever using their workplace computers for personal Internet use. That’s right. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No checking personal email accounts. No paying bills online. No reading news sites. Continue reading


Always Google-stalk before the first date


So Wired magazine’s August issue features an article called “”How to Behave: New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans.” Apparently they got a group of social scientists together who articulated social media/new technology etiquette. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Don’t Google-stalk before a first date. The magazine says “Mutual self-disclosure, on the other hand, tends to build strong interpersonal bonds, leading to trust, admiration, and ultimately intimacy. Besides, reading your date’s Muppet Show fanfic might end a beautiful friendship before it even begins.” Seriously? I wouldn’t go into a job interview without Googling the heck out of the company. Why would I meet a stranger without Googling them? Blind dates ended in the eighties, people. (Although to be fair, I Google everyone, all the time, no matter what.)

Meet online friends in the real world. My fear is that my online friends won’t find me as interesting in the real world. Who wants to be a bore? But it’s a good practice and it reinforces the networking part of social networking. So do it. Set up that Tweetup. Continue reading

In defense of Twitter


I will always be grateful for my friend Phillybits for urging me to join Twitter. The response from my non-Twitter friends has been interesting, however.  For the most part, they hate the idea of Twitter. They envision it as a humdrum version of Facebook where everyone elaborates on their breakfast/boring lives/etc. Well, it can be that too, but it can also be a fantastic conversation between fascinating people you would have never met in real life. Continue reading

Be careful

Who you add as a Facebook friend:

A Philadelphia court officer who was described as an “exceptional man” by one judge was recently suspended for 10 days after he asked a juror to become his Facebook friend, according to a court official.

Which city you’re screwing with:

A Philadelphia lawyer plans to seek an injunction to shut down an Indian movie now filming in New York City – a production that was shot in Philadelphia last fall before the filmmaker left owing more than $500,000 to local actors, vendors and crew.

How much TV you’re watching:

Both high achievers and regular students reported living in highly saturated media environments in their homes, with multiple TVs, stereos, videogames, computers and cell phones, and spending more than six hours per day on the weekends consuming media images.

I hate people who hate immigrants

Makes me incredibly angry.

Like this Facebook group.

“I am so sick of people playing the blame game for the economic crisis that we’re are in. No it was not entirely Bush’s fault. Ok maybe he wasn’t one of the greatest president but he got us through some pretty tough times. But this is not a group about George W. Bush. That fact is that the moron Bill Clinton opened up free trade to China, causing the deflation of prices. Not only that, he took away all the jobs by doing this. Bush was just left with the mess that Clinton made. But the real problem at hand are these illegal immigrents coming in. They take all of our jobs, theydon’t have to pay taxes, or medicare. This is complete BULL and has to be stopped. Not only with the illegal hispanics but other immigrants coming from all around the world. For instance my sister is in pharmacy school and probably 90% of the student population is Indian. So either they are taking all of those jobs or drug companies (along with many others) are starting to outsource their companies in countries where they can hire employees for very cheap…again taking away all of our jobs. I say we close off our borders and reset our country because our situation is not going to get any better until we do something different. How about the United States worries about itself for a change before we go offering job opportunites to third world countries. I don’t want this group to come off looking like a bunch of racists or selfish people, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

Continue reading

Hate Valentine’s Day Uber-Much?

You’re not alone.

These guys really hate it.

Wanna see more? Ooh, this makes Phillygrrl’s blood boil. Just give me a sec to put on my eye-gouging stilettos.

Fight back.

Step 1: Join this Facebook group: A Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women.

Step 2: Buy pink underwear.

Step 3: Mail to Shri Ram Sena’s headquarters.

Step 4: Find all your girlfriends and head to a pub.

Step 5: Drink and be merry.

Step 6: Thank God you live in America. (Wait, that’s only for me.)

Everybody join this Fb group NOW – UPDATED


In from my friend, Rajan, who created a Fb group he calls “Michael Phelps & his Bong.”

The program descrip reads:

“For anyone who thinks that a gold medalist has the right to smoke a little bud on his break..”

Amen to that, Rajan. Amen to that. Join the group NOW.

I mean this poor kid got like 5 zillion medals. Give’m a break.


Are you kidding me???? Seriously? This kid practically re-invented the sport.

Michael Phelps was suspended from competition for three months by USA Swimming, the latest fallout from a photo that showed the Olympic great inhaling from a marijuana pipe. The sport’s national governing body also cut off its financial support to Phelps for the same three-month period, effective Thursday.“This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated, but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero,” the Colorado-based federation said in a statement.

Okay. That’s it. I’m moving to the Netherlands! But come-on, let’s get real.

The article says, “Now, he won’t be able to allowed to compete until early May, which would give him just over two months to get in some racing before July’s world championships in Rome.

But he doesn’t need the sport. The sport needs him. Anyone?