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Temple Screws Over Its Secretaries

Oh, the humanities!

Disturbing news over at my old alma mater, Temple University. Turns out that the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University fired yesterday half of its secretarial staff without two weeks notice with pay, many of whom had worked at Temple for years. According to what I’m hearing, they did so without any union involvement or faculty input. Continue reading



Three weeks ago in the elevator. Someone was paraphrasing this:

“In what is only the first step in averting or minimizing a deficit this season, the Philadelphia Orchestra Association yesterday shed 20 percent of its administrative staff and said other cost-cutting moves were on the way.”

Yup, loose lips sink ships.

Save Fred in ’09!

The Inquirer mentioned that KYW Newsradio 1060 still has Fred Sherman’s bio on their website, even after they laid him off. Let’s take a look at his bio:

Fred Sherman, chief economist at Royal Bank America, brings high energy and extensive insight to his daily stock market commentaries on KYW Newsradio 1060. [This is true.]

More than just a distinctive voice  with a distinctive sign-off, he is a veteran radio and TV broadcaster and a knowledgeable commentator on the investment scene. [This is true as well.]

A large part of his appeal to a wide audience of KYW listeners is his clever and smile-provoking ability to make the markets come alive with light, yet sound, observations on stock and bond market developments. [True.]

When the market takes a dive, his wit  combined with serious observations  will help investors keep their sense of humor. [Yes!]

So basically the website is telling us that Mr. Sherman is EXACTLY the reassuring voice we need in these difficult financial times. I’m thinking it’s just another case of ageism. Well you can’t fill Mr. Sherman’s spot with an intern!  And then they wait until he goes on vacation and ambush him when he comes back! Nice. Very nice, KYW.

Write your letters to NewsPrgm@kyw.com and let KYW know how you feel. I did.

Who could fire Fred Sherrrrrrrman????

z11I don’t see how the geniuses at KYW 1060 AM could justify the firing of iconic radio commentator Fred Sherman? Especially after he offered to work for free! As a young kid, Fred Sherman’s voice was the only thing I associated with Philadelphia. Well, that and sidewalks. I wonder if KYW did any research on how many people listen to KYW only to listen to Sherman’s insightful, and always humorous analyses. News radio stations are usually so generic.  He livens up their entire format.