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I’m difficult

Here’s the other half of the Chapterhouse saga.

Find it all on Yelp.

Christopher F. said, “First off… My apologies for being a bit short with phillygrrl.  I’m sure that most people will recognize that this is only one half of the story, and upon hearing this half of the story I have been called a douche, STUPID, a pseudo intellectual hipster, a washed up artist/writer, and numerous other things on yelp by people who don’t know anything about me, and all this about a situation that was not so cut and dry or accurately depicted.  (one poster said CH should be ‘burned to the ground’)  It’s true that I was already having a stressful day, but the way you tell the story really misses the point of why I was frustrated.  I made a joke about the ‘very American of you’ comment after you said you couldn’t walk a block to the ATM…  (it really was just a joke) which you mis-remembered slightly, making me seem like even more of a jerk.  Nor did we spend 5 minutes debating the subject.  Nor did i ‘refuse you service’.  The issue with the tea was that we don’t usually sell boxes of tea, you were asking me if we sell the ‘tins’, no we do not sell ‘tins’…  Then i thought you were asking if we sell tea, and you were looking around the store asking me what you could buy… it was all a little confusing.  We don’t sell boxes of tea, yet you were insisting on buying one…  I don’t know off the top of my head exactly what to charge you for a box of tea so I threw a number out there. Continue reading

In Which Chapterhouse Coffee Apologizes

So two weeks ago, I had a bad customer service experience. Let’s just say customer service was a little lacking when I went to Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery on 620 S. 9th Street. In short, I tried to buy something with my debit card (the store has a $10 minimum policy) and was refused service. I was willing to pay the minimum, but the clerk was not willing to sell for whatever reason. Well, the discussion moved on to Yelp where it sparked a fierce debate about credit/debit card minimum.

And yesterday, the co-owner of the Chapterhouse responded. Here’s what she writes:

“i am the co owner of chapterhouse and sister of the guy you are speaking of…..not sure what to say. i do not condone his behavior in anyway so i will just personally apologize for it upfront. it hurts me to read the story over and over as i have. what i can say is cc company’s charge an exorbitant amount of money to the business. we have debated (my brother and i) a lot about whether to continue taking cc. it is really tough for a small shop such as ourselves. i have really been the one that thinks we need to because we are also a gallery. anyway i feel he was taking out his frustration for me and the cc company’s on you & i am so sorry for that. he is a really good guy…i could have never started chapterhouse without him. everyone has bad days… sometimes it is hard for us to put that away before we get to work. im sure you have all been there….i love my shop and would like to stick around and beat the odds. so you can take this for what its worth…which may be nothing but i had to say it ….chapterhouse is my baby.” Continue reading