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Dude Who Captures Hipster Grifter=Snitch?

Snitching is good. I promote snitching. All the time. Every time. If possible. Obviously in certain parts of Philadelphia, people’s lives are threatened. And they’re afraid. As well they should be. Because a culture where outing the perpretator of a crime is considered grounds for murder, people are going to be afraid. Until a majority rises against such terrorist/intimidating/bullying techniques.

But I must say I didn’t expect to see supporters of the so-called “Hipster Grifter” Kari Ferrell condemn Philadelphia musician Sam Tremble, who turned Kari into the police this past Sunday, May 3rd. (She has supporters? Whoda thunk?) I guess I didn’t expect people to get so emotionally involved in white collar crime. (Where were all these supporters when Philly hottie Jocleyn Kirsch scammed folks, btw?) Continue reading