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Bloggers Should Exercise Too


I hate hate hate working out. In general. I have no will-power, never have. I used to work out, but that was back when I worked at a gym and it was free. Now that I’m actually paying for a membership, I rarely use it. What’s it been, seven months already? That was a waste of $150. Shoot. I would’ve been better off investing in yoga gear so I could at least fool people into thinking I work out. (A  yoga mat can also double as a floor rug, people.)

Thing is, I hate being in a room with zillions of sweaty people. How many come there to exercise? I mean actually exercise. Maybe like five people in the room. (Neck-craning doesn’t count as exercise.) Everyone else is just ogling Spandex-covered butts. And I hate watching cable news shows on giant plasma screens when I’m pretty sure I just collapsed a lung. And I hate that stupid work-out music with the fake cheery 80’s beat. Nothing was cheery about the 80’s. It was all gloom and doom. Exercise is only fun when it’s really fun. Like beach-volleyball with your friends. Or a walk in the park.

But I’m starting to think regular exercise – gym or no gym – should probably be a priority at my age. Running to catch a bus, or sporadically riding my bike or walking to work don’t cut it. Not because I want to be super-skinny. I did that, and it didn’t involve exercise. It involved skipping meals. Not healthy. (And don’t get me started on good nutrition. I think nachos and popsicles = a balanced meal. Balance because I don’t have to use utensils.)

Here’s where blogger Philly Chit Chat aka HughE Dillon comes in. He’s currently participating in NBC 10’s “Be a 10 in 10 weeks.” And he is my hero. And he’s made me re-think how I live. And I hope he’ll make you think about your lifestyle as well.

On his blog, HughE writes:

“This has to be one of the hardest blog entries I’ve had to write …. I am used to covering other peoples lives, events and things happening in Philly. How did I get here, I often ask myself. No not how did I become the Philly Social Diarist/Paparazzi or any of my other identifying characters, but how did I get to be almost 300lbs. Continue reading