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Men + skinny jeans = yuck

skinny jeans

I came across this Wall Street article on men who wear skinny jeans. Reminded me of last week, when I found myself in a room full of skinny-jean men, half of whom were hobbling around. It make me wince. Yes, indeed:

Doug Black has found himself in a tight squeeze more times than he cares to remember. One day, he got caught in the rain without an umbrella and was unable to run. When his colleagues sat in a circle, the 23-year-old English teacher from Portland, Ore., couldn’t cross his legs. And when he tried to jaywalk, while in Beijing for work, he couldn’t hop the median divider with his friends.

“I had to walk half a mile down the street on my own to use the crosswalk,” he says.

His jeans were too tight. But he has no plans to buy a looser style. “Discomfort comes with the territory,” he says.

Yeah, so I fathomed as much. My little brother weighs some 20-odd pounds less than me. He wears skinny jeans. Jeans so tight and lean he has to buy them from the women’s section of a department store. Jeans that make me envious, because they’re a women’s size 00 and I can hardly get an ankle in one. But I can’t say skinny jeans on men do it for me. Continue reading

Here’s How You Rate Men

I had a good laugh at this post by Audrey from Oh Little Audrey Says.

Rating 1 (the lowest score) on Little Audrey’s “scale”: the DoucheBag!

A man who think he has it all, which he generally limits to money, fame & looks.

Where to find him: Expensive gyms, expensive restaurant, expensive & selective clubs, and celeb cocktail parties.

How to spot him: He generally wears designer clothes, and is followed by his entourage (other DoucheBags and a horde of low-self-esteem girls). He also make sure photographers are following his every moves.”

Read more.

80 Degrees+ Sunny=Happy Harassment Day

God forbid I write the same post over and over again. Without further ado: my annual rant on springtime. Oh yeah, and how much I hate Philly men (sometimes). This was inspired by my morning route, whereby I find clever ways to avoid certain oglers in Chinatown.

“There’s something about summer in the city that turns perfectly normal men into animals.

A little something involving a combination of miniskirts, breezy summer dresses, low cute denim short shorts combined with thong sandals that turns men into cat-calling apes.

Oh who am I kidding, Philly men find something to hoot and holler about no matter the season. However, it’s bad enough the rest of the year, but in the summer it’s worse.”


“What About Us?”

Guest blooger thab00ger on male domestic violence issues…..


This actually looks really fun...oh baby!

I was hangin’ out with my cousins last night and we came across the “How Can She Slap” video on YouTube. It’s a clip from an Indian game show where this lady (dressed like a dominatrix) comes out and insults the contestants and makes them to weird things. I understand all the sh*t talking –  I mean that’s part of the show and all but at one point one contestant talks back to the lady and she ends up slapping him fairly hard in the face. That’s when the ownage ensues. He ends up slapping her back and then ends up being kicked around by a bunch of male audience members and people who worked on stage (probably thinking they would get laid or maybe get their pickle tickled if they came to her rescue… uhhh no sorry boys.) Continue reading