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“Why Black Men Cheat”

Someone in front of Merriam Theater handed me a flyer with the aforementioned title. Curious. So apparently there’s this actor, Priest T. Cephas from Wilmington,  Delaware. Dude was inspired to write “one day out of the blue” while sitting on the set of The Wire. He’s sitting there, talking to his mom. He asks her why she didn’t go to the prom. She tells him she got preggers. He writes it into a play, The Tears of a Teenage Mother. And then he keeps writing. Interesting. I’m guessing he’s quite popular.

Check it out at www.whyblackmencheat.org. (Apparently www.whyblackmencheat.com was already taken. It’s a dating website :p)

And if you want to know the answers to the question “Why Black Men Cheat:  What Every Woman Wants to Know, but No Man is Willing to Tell” check out Cephas’s forum.