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“Can I Tweet @ Work?”


So I heard an interesting story the other day. I was at a dinner and a friend mentioned that their boss had made the decision to enforce an interesting Internet policy at work. A filter? Nope. A ban on social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter? Nope.

Apparently, this friend’s boss decided that his employees should be prohibited from ever using their workplace computers for personal Internet use. That’s right. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No checking personal email accounts. No paying bills online. No reading news sites. Continue reading


Plushgun is coming to Philadelphia. My life is complete.

OMG! Plushgun is coming to Philadelphia!

April 18th, 8PM at the North Star Bar

Finally! I’ve waited for this my whole life! Well, okay. But you guys don’t understand. I am not cool. I listen to the radio. I don’t know cool, young bands. I don’t know indie music period. So when I came across this band one night and discovered none of my uber-hip skinny-jean wearing young relatives had heard of it, I earned major cool points. (Yes, my biggest accomplishment to this day is inspiring my cousin to put Plushgun on his iTunes. ) And though I still feel pretentious when I say “I’m a fan of Plushgun, an indie band based in NYC” because let’s face it, I still listen to Taylor Swift and Celine Dione, I love being a pre-celebrity status fan.