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Goodnight Mennonite!

That’s what we used to say when we were kids. To say that I was an extremely strange child is no exaggeration…

Let’s move on, shall we? Okay, so Philadelphia City Paper published a front-page cover in its March 12, 2009 issue titled “Believe it or Not:
Meet the reluctant face of Kensington’s radical Christian movement

I am totally loving City Paper’s recent stories. Maybe I pay more attention now. But I doubt it. I think their covers are becoming a little less artsy/hipster/cooler-than-though-but-too-cool-to-use-the-word-“cool” and a little more Philly. Which is to say more stories I care about :P Jazmine Sullivan. Olney. You get the jist. Sometimes it feels like they’re reading my blog mind. Kudos to Brian Howard and his team.

Okay, focus. So last week’s CP cover story was about a bunch of Eastern University graduates, evangelical Christian, hippy dippy types who are living in a house in Kensington and spreading the Word (and a lil’ somethin’ something’ us crazy Christians like to call social Gospel).

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