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How to date a blogger

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that as more people visited this site, the number of um, *coughs, solicitations got increased (both in number and weirdness). But hey, meeting people is the one of few benefits of the fringe blogger. (Seriously, y’all. Let’s just be friends.) Now,  I’m not going to tell you how to date a blogger. That would be too simple. But I will tell give examples of how not to date a blogger.

1) First off all, please don’t start your email or include in your email the words “Philly” and “boy” in some sort of near proximity. “Philly” and “girl” is cute. Or nauseating. Depends how you’re looking at it. But “Philly” and “boy/man/guy” is always a terrible combination. Corny. Lame. Trite. Etc, etc, etc. No girl wants to date a Philly boy. Period. Continue reading


Penelope Trunk is my hero

Not just because she’s a sucessful executive with various start-ups. Not just because she’s a talented writer with a blog I read (and disagree with) religiously. Because of the post she wrote last week that moved me (and many of her readers according to the 300+ comments) to tears.

Last Tuesday, she wrote a post with her usual candor and clarity. It was about how much a person should reveal about themselves in a blog (which I’ve been thinking about as of late). And then, forgoing her usual rants on life, she went in a totally unexpected direction. Child abuse. Sexual abuse. Physical abuse. More specifically, the abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents. I’d always pictured a successful woman like her with a set of WASP-ish parents who encouraged her to succeed at all costs. Not at all.

“I remember the next time my dad beat me up though. I called the police and they came. Like always. And my dad said nothing was wrong. Like always. And then the police started to leave. Like always.” Continue reading

Five Reasons I <3 Blogging

In the vein of the “advice” columns I have felt like writing of late

When I started writing for phillygrrl.com, I got a lot of flack from my frenemies. Advice I was given from fellow bloggers?

“Blogging is so 1997!”

“Blogging is giving away your ideas for free.”

“You’re never going to make any money, what’s the point? Blogging doesn’t have an ROI!”

“Don’t blog until you’re somebody. You’re just wasting your time.”

Ah, kiddies. I beg to differ. Here are five reasons I like to blog: Continue reading

I need me some blogs

So I’ve been toying with where to go next with phillygrrl.com. For one thing, I definitely don’t know enough about blogging. I try to learn from other bloggers, but it’s not like they all wear t-shirts with their URL (although that’s a great idea for the next DL meet, eh Mithras?)

I do know one thing. I don’t know anything about the Philly blog scene. I’ve stumbled upon a few sites I like. But I come across other well-known sites every day. My favorite find today? Phawker. Also, the WHYY blog – It’s Our City. Oh yeah, and I just came across Dan McQuade’s site, Philadelphia Will Do.  Oops, it died.

Forget local blogs. I don’t even read national blogs. Well, except for HuffPo. Today, my mentor sent me a link to the blog of one Penelope Trunk, whose advice blog instantly revolutionized my life. Well, sort of. Let’s see how her job-finding skills work out for her.

Funny thing is, I have friends who read zillions of blogs every day.

Please, people.  Spare me the pain of embarassing myself on a daily business and let me know what blogs you like to read. It’s awful to be in the dark about these things.  (I still cringe at the memory of telling Atrios his URL was too long and easily forgetable. His droll response? “People do tell me I’m bad at marketing.” )

What blogs do you like to read? I don’t really care about content so much as appeal. A good techie blog might be just what I need. So may a blog about makeup.

Let me know what floats  your boat. I’m totally clueless.