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2011 Philebrity Awards: Philadelphia City Paper vs. Philadelphia Weekly

There’s only one category that interests me in the 2011 Philebrity Awards: General Excellence in Writing for a City Publication. This year – two of my favorite writers – Philadelphia Weekly’s Tara Murtha and Philadelphia City Paper’s Daniel Denvir – received a nomination. As an avid reader of Murtha and Denvir in print, I was also delighted earlier this year to find both to be personable and informative on the Twitters. But who gets the vote? When I pondered the question on Twitter and jokingly suggested a jello wrestling match to help me decide the fight, Mr.  Denvir, who started writing for CP six months ago, kindly sent me the following:

I have exposed the weird and right-wing ways of “gun-toting, gay-bashing, tea-partying” state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, uncovered landlords treating low-income Section 8 tenants like crap, revealed that ousted schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman used the District’s communications office as a personal propaganda machine.

I have shown how poor black and Latina mothers can have their children taken away because they smoke pot, and how horribly bad sex ed in Philly public schools is. I wrote about how one South Philly drug trafficker from an infamous mob family serving life without parole became a civil rights fighter against the drug war.

I have criticized local media outlets when they fell short, including the Inquirer’s baseless and extensive campaign to arm school cops and the Daily News‘ regurgitation of a bizarre conspiracy theory that loads of anarchists were being bused in from other cities to Occupy Philly. And I have used my new “Hostile Witness” column to take District Attorney Seth Williams to task for failing to ensure that people convicted of crimes are really guilty.

I have written about Philly for national publications like Salon, The Guardian and The Atlantic where we, the nation’s fifth largest city, almost never get any attention.

Thanks for your support. Vote here: http://www.philebrity.com/awards/


Daniel Denvir

So there you have it, kids. Head over to Philebrity and  vote away.


Dude Who Captures Hipster Grifter=Snitch?

Snitching is good. I promote snitching. All the time. Every time. If possible. Obviously in certain parts of Philadelphia, people’s lives are threatened. And they’re afraid. As well they should be. Because a culture where outing the perpretator of a crime is considered grounds for murder, people are going to be afraid. Until a majority rises against such terrorist/intimidating/bullying techniques.

But I must say I didn’t expect to see supporters of the so-called “Hipster Grifter” Kari Ferrell condemn Philadelphia musician Sam Tremble, who turned Kari into the police this past Sunday, May 3rd. (She has supporters? Whoda thunk?) I guess I didn’t expect people to get so emotionally involved in white collar crime. (Where were all these supporters when Philly hottie Jocleyn Kirsch scammed folks, btw?) Continue reading

Let’s keep running those numbers, City Paper

Sad and curious about the fact that City Paper’s long-time “Running Numbers” column/feature is being cut.

I was flipping through my copy today, trying to figure out why the layout looked all strange and new. Then I came upon page 32. And there it was:

Cherish it while it lasts — Running Numbers makes its final count.”‘

First of all, Running Numbers is usually in the first five pages of CP’s weekly edition. Usually it’s opposite the editorial. Perhaps I didn’t notice it being surreptiously slid deeper and deeper into the issue. It certainly was happenstance that I found out it was being cut.

What? Why? Where? When? How?

I love Running Numbers! It’s short. Succint. Helpful. And inspiring.

That was my favoritest section.

*Sobs. Brian Howard, you cannot do this to me.

Us geeks love numbers. It helps quantify our life.


Just FYI, folks. I have no problem promoting events that I will be going to, my friends ask me to, etc.

But don’t forget to hit up City Paper and UWISHUNU. They are the local events masters.

Philadelphia City Paper. Hit ’em up here. But send it to them 10 days in advance of the event.

UWISHUNU. Send ’em an email.

So where are they?

Someone should start a newspaper to report on newspapers. (Please, no Brian Tierney jokes.)

Ever since I was a wee little intern at a certain alt-weekly here in Philly, I’ve wanted to get my hands on stats that tell me the racial makeup of newsrooms of local papers. (Yes, I was the lone raisin floating in a sea of oatmeal. It’s all good. No worries. I can handle it ;) ). Continue reading

Goodnight Mennonite!

That’s what we used to say when we were kids. To say that I was an extremely strange child is no exaggeration…

Let’s move on, shall we? Okay, so Philadelphia City Paper published a front-page cover in its March 12, 2009 issue titled “Believe it or Not:
Meet the reluctant face of Kensington’s radical Christian movement

I am totally loving City Paper’s recent stories. Maybe I pay more attention now. But I doubt it. I think their covers are becoming a little less artsy/hipster/cooler-than-though-but-too-cool-to-use-the-word-“cool” and a little more Philly. Which is to say more stories I care about :P Jazmine Sullivan. Olney. You get the jist. Sometimes it feels like they’re reading my blog mind. Kudos to Brian Howard and his team.

Okay, focus. So last week’s CP cover story was about a bunch of Eastern University graduates, evangelical Christian, hippy dippy types who are living in a house in Kensington and spreading the Word (and a lil’ somethin’ something’ us crazy Christians like to call social Gospel).

Continue reading

Just had my first

Vietnamese hoagie. From  Mi Lah Vegetarian Restaurant, on 218 S 16th St. It was good. Oh so good. And unlike a cheese steak (sorry guys), it didn’t leave the heavy, greasy feeling that can only come with a Whiz-topped pound of steak.

I’ve been meaning to try one for a while. Six more spots left to try! These ones (which look considerably cheaper!)

And of course my pal, PhilaFoodies suggestion, Q.T.

“In a city whose identity has been so closely linked to one sandwich, it’s not surprising that the Vietnamese hoagie, or bánh mi, has not gained more of a foothold here. In fact, until Q.T. Vietnamese Sandwich snuck onto 10th and Arch, it was easier to find authentic renditions in South Philly than in Chinatown.”

Where the Vietnamese hoagie is, there I shall follow.