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Philly Girls, Didja Date This Dude?

If so, please contact the authorities. ‘Cause dude is bad news. Not like a never-calls-you-or-hangs-out-with-you kind of jerk, but more like a drains-your-bank-account kind of jerk.

Read my post at Sepia Mutiny for more information.


Welcome Tipsygrrl!

Here are PG, we are thrilled to welcome Tipsygrrl, the latest writer to grace the site. Tipsygrrl is a Philly girl who’s had a little too much to drink. But in a good way. We think. Not sure, we’ll let you know how that AA  intervention goes.

Well, yes. I am a bit tipsy writing this post. Cliche as it seems, a bit of alcohol helps loosen things up. Clichés exist for a reason. And there are many things I’m not that bad at after I’ve had a drink. Or two. (After three… well, see this James Thurber quote.)

Drinking alcohol is pretty widely accepted in American culture, and indeed, in all Judeo-Christian societies. In Europe even more so, where adults readily give their kids sips of wine at their 10pm dinner hour. Jesus is worshiped for turning water into wine (among other things). For Muslims, the Qur’an presents a journey of thoughts about drinking, starting with a note that “the sin is greater than the profit” and ending with a call to total abstinence. Continue reading

Interns Interns Interns

My favorite new South Asian art gallery in Philadelphia (ah heck, who am I kidding, the only South Asian art gallery in Philly) is looking for some bright young folks interested in working at their gallery.

They write:

Twelve Gates Art Gallery seeks part-time interns. Twelve Gates specializes in South Asian art. Students of South Asian Art/Art History will be preferred.

The candidates will assist gallery management in the full spectrum of gallery operations including show installations, marketing which includes emailing exhibition promos to clients, Creating annoucements cards, managing mysql databases of clients and artwork photos, answering phone calls and interacting with visitors.

The gallery regularly hosts special events like film screenings and concerts. Active participation in their planning is required.

Basic knowledge of photoshop, php, perl, pdf, excel a plus. These skills will be taught if needed.

This is an unpaid internship but it will be a great opportunity for the intern to gain some exciting art gallery experience.

To apply email your resume and cover letter to info@twelvegatesgallery.com.

P.S. Don’t forget to follow Twelve Gates Art Gallery on Twitter.

Sports and SingleInPhillyGrrl: Let’s talk Vick and the Eagles for 2009

Since all the PG men have been silent on this issue,  SingleInPhillyGrrl takes on Vick and what it means for the Eagles.

Like many Philadelphia residents, I am a stark-mad, crazy lunatic when it comes to our sports teams (specifically the Eagles and Phillies).  I take a sports hiatus from February to April (between football and baseball seasons) to let my voice return, my blood pressure to come down, and to wear colors other than green and red.

It’s a disease.  And I don’t want the cure. Continue reading

Pakistani Americans Protest in Philadelphia

On August 4, Philadelphia’s Pakistani Christian community gathered in Center City to protest the killings of six Christians in Pakistan:

More than 100 Christian houses were burned and looted on Saturday in a rampage that lasted about eight hours by a crowd the authorities estimate was as large as 20,000 strong. In addition to the seven members of the Hameed family who were killed, about 20 people were wounded. Continue reading

Almost (everyone) <3s Mayor Nutter

Albert Yee

[Photo/Commentary: Albert Yee]]

Okay, I’m lying. It’s still just me. But seriously, was anyone else at the rally at City Hall last Thursday? I happened to step off the subway right when it began (and was Twittering when Mayor Nutter walked past me) so I decided to stay and listen. Yes, I know. Budget. Fiscal crisis. Harrisburg. Pileggi. Yada, yada, yada.  We’ll let the experts the YoungPhillyPolitics folks hash that one out. I just wanted to comment on the crowd’s reaction. And Mayor Nutter’s speech lessons. Or something. Continue reading

Trailers Needed for Asian Film Festival

Enter this contest, folks! Here’s the deal. Make a trailer to promote the festival. Not a movie. A trailer. You can do it. Everyone can do it. Now do it.

Philadelphia Asian Americans