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Introducing Talkadelphia


Photo Credit: For the Love of Food

  Good things happen when I get bored. Two years ago, I found myself with too much spare time and a desire to learn more about the city I grew up in so I started writing on this blog. The results surprised me — I ended up finding a community of fascinating, like-minded people who became close friends. But as I moved away from this blog and to other projects, I found myself missing the conversations I had with the amazing Philadelphians I meet every day.

That’s why I decided last Thursday that I wanted to do a series of podcasts. Conversations with all the people I know (and some that I don’t know) who are changing this city in little, unnoticed ways. So my friend Gino and I came up with Talkadelphia. Every Monday, we’ll introduce you to somebody who intrigues us. We’re still working on our website, but until then follow our Twitter account to stay in touch with all the latest Talkadelphia news. Want to be interviewed? Email us at talkadelphia@gmail.com and tell us about yourself!

Hello, Goodbye

“The time has come,” the Walrus said/To talk of many things” – Lewis Carroll 1872

Dear Philadelphia,

I <3 you. Always have, always will. But now it’s time for me to say goodbye. You knew, right? I mean, this isn’t a surprise or anything. We’ve been drifting apart for months now. Ever since I told you I was headed to school, you’ve been a little cold. Well, maybe it’s just me. I mean, it’s definitely me. Not you. You’ve always been a perfect sweetheart. Continue reading

Friday Night Tweetup

pickles911-LAST SHOW

So if you’re one of those strange, strange folks who happens to be a Twitter addict (as I am), you will understand the appeal of a “Tweetup.” That’s when you gather with the folks that you spend your day chatting with on Twitter and finally meet them IRL (in real life).  Is it as pathetic as it sounds? Probably.

Well, those evil Twitter folks finally convinced me to try this scary social media networking deal. So slow down on your drunk Tweeting and bring your thumbs to Fergie’s Pub tonight. Is it also going to be the best Friday night ever? Probably, yes. And the fact that it coincides with the final show of The Dill Pickles can’t hurt either. So if you ever wanted to try your hand at stalking meeting Philly’s most prolific Twitterers, now’s a good time. We promise we won’t bite. A lot.

UPDATE: Photos from the event via Phillybits.

How to date a blogger

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that as more people visited this site, the number of um, *coughs, solicitations got increased (both in number and weirdness). But hey, meeting people is the one of few benefits of the fringe blogger. (Seriously, y’all. Let’s just be friends.) Now,  I’m not going to tell you how to date a blogger. That would be too simple. But I will tell give examples of how not to date a blogger.

1) First off all, please don’t start your email or include in your email the words “Philly” and “boy” in some sort of near proximity. “Philly” and “girl” is cute. Or nauseating. Depends how you’re looking at it. But “Philly” and “boy/man/guy” is always a terrible combination. Corny. Lame. Trite. Etc, etc, etc. No girl wants to date a Philly boy. Period. Continue reading

Er, I’m brown?

Taking the City of Brotherly Love to the biggest, baddest, brownest blog on the Net: Sepia Mutiny. Yup, gonna be a guest contributor at Sepia Mutiny this summer. Still laughing at how the discussion went from a ‘welcome PG’ theme to a ‘damn those Eagles’ vein. Check it out.

But more importantly, take a look at my inaugural post. It’s about all my favorite things. Bacon. And cheesesteaks. And food carts. And Philadelphia. Freel free to comment! (Okay, it’s about kinda/sorta all of that, maybe. I leave the hard-hitting political stuff to the pundits.) But comment anyway.


As if PG readers weren’t already aware of my SEPTA obsession, feel free to check out Phawker.com every Friday for a regular feature called “SEPTA Girl” where I go on about planes, trains, buses and trolleys.

septakishPhoto: Tiffany Yoon