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Does Your Pop Music Suck? Well, here’s some that doesn’t.

/This post has finally been commandeered by guest blogger Don Bito/

Yeah, yeah, so I didn’t post for the past two Fridays. I was on VACATION, OKAY?!? I was too busy floating in the 85 degree dolphin-populated waters off the Savannah coast and gay bar hopping and drinking Sweetwater Blue, O’FRIGGIN’KAY? But now I’m back. *quiet sobbing*

And I don’t even want to talk about moving this past week except to say that I’m pretty sure I’m having pains in imaginary muscles right now. For instance, my glattulars are killing me. And also to say, R.I.P. 1722! We hardly knew ye. We never even got to set off fireworks on your roof! *quiet sobbing*

But all unnecessary back story aside, to atone for my bloggy sins this week I’ve decided to bring you a belated Independence Day post, featuring my top 5 favorite non-American (arguably) pop artists. Yeah, I’m not much of a patriot. So, in no particular order, here are five artists whose entire repertoire I could listen to on loop for weeks on end:

The Smiths.

What is there to say except “Marry me, Morrissey?”

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Does Your Pop Music Suck? Sellout Revolutionaries.

/This post has been commandeered by guest blogger Don Bito/

I’d like to make Green Day the winners of my first ever Most Depreciated Band award (unless someone can come up with a better name for the inverse of a “Most Improved” award, b/c I cannot).  As Exhibit A, I present their most recent smudge of psuedo-revolutionary dreck, Know Your Enemy.

I don’t know about Green Day, but MY enemy is 3 lines of melody masquerading as a song. Have you seen that anywhere? Sneaky bastard.  Definitely gives me violent urges.

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Does Your Pop Music Suck? Only You Can Prevent Shawty Fires.

/This post has been commandeered by guest blogger Don Bito/

Here’s the deal, readers: it’s 3am. I’m at work. I am personally overseeing the top secret birthday surprise of a very dear friend in T-minus 16 hours. Between now and then I have to figure out how to a) not fall asleep at my desk, b) fall asleep in my bed, and c) make my room look like a tacky mess in a fun, self-parodying, super-gay way.

But rather than officially take the day off, I figured I’d phone in a blog and charge you minutes of your life anyway. So dig in to #9 on this week’s Billboard top 100 chart. And please refrain from vomiting it back up onto your plate.

Sean Kingston’s Fire Burning

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Does Your Pop Music Suck? Because Katy Perry Does.

/This post has been commandeered by guest blogger Don Bito/

Katy Perry: Cheap Zooey Deschanel knock-off? Definitely. Responsible for some of the most inane music and backwards lyrics in recent pop history? For sure. A sign of the coming apocalypse? Quite possibly.

But today, readers, Katy Perry is the catalyst of a blogging decision I may soon come to regret.

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Does Your Pop Music Suck? No Means No.

This week is our first Throwback Week, featuring 1,2,3 Red Light by 1910 Fruitgum Company, circa 1968.

Skip to 1:10 to hear the song – I just chose this video so you could get a little taste of the redonk, live from the studio. Plus I can’t resist those rockin’ literal flashing red traffic lights. It’s a nice touch, however subtle.

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