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Yay! Gentification!

JuneFun 006

Here’s exactly what we need on a university campus: a Fresh Grocer. Because over-priced groceries are exactly what a neighborhood needs to grow healthy. Not.

Sure, Penn has one. LaSalle has one. Naturally Temple needs one too, right? More jobs. Fresh groceries. At least that’s what one of the kids in that article says. Rico, a street vendor around Temple, says that neighborhood residents don’t have places to buy fresh fruit. (Although I guess he never went to the white truck on 13th and Jefferson that sells produce every day but okay.)

But, seriously. Who can afford the stuff at Fresh Grocer? Has anyone ever been to a Fresh Grocer? The stuff there is not cheap. It’s for university students whose parents are footing the bill. It’s for the Temple student who finds it inconvenient to take the subway to Allegheny and go to the Pathmark. It’s not for the kids who really need it. Maybe prices have gone down there since I went to the one on Penn’s campus, but I doubt it. You’re better off going to Trader Joe’s. Continue reading