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Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Sunny Ali (L) with The Kid (R). Photo Credit: Jonathan Applebaum

The first time I met Hassan Ali Malik of Sunny Ali & The Kid was on Halloween when I attended a crazy house party in West Philadelphia with my friend Ali that started on the top floor and spilled out onto the rooftop. Dressed in a Pakistani topi (hat) with a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee around his neck, Hassan looked like the bastard child of Aladdin and Flavor Flav. (He was actually going for Bollywood star wins Oscar.) At that time I didn’t know it, but I was looking for Hassan. My friend and fellow Sepia Mutineer, Tanzila Ahmed, had been after me to get an interview with Philadelphia-based band POPO, comprised of three Pakistani-American brothers – Zeb, Hassan and Shoaib. A few days after Halloween, I sent out a Twitter appeal after a month of trying to get in touch with the band via email. My friend Ali immediately contacted me. “You already know POPO,” he said. “You met Hassan on Halloween.” It’s a small, small Philadelphia. Thankfully, Hassan, who’d just left POPO to start his own gig, agreed to an interview and soon after, put me in touch with his musical partner, The Kid, who also wrote on the side as Pork Adventurer. (You following me?) Now, almost a year later, I’m happy to report that Sunny Ali & The Kid is still going strong. Check out this video interview to learn more about the duo and their music. And, for all you Philadelphians, listen to these two rancheros play live Saturday night at Tritone!


Sunny Ali & The Kid at Tritone TONIGHT

About a month ago, I did an interview on Sepia Mutiny with Hassan Malik Ali, formerly of  POPOS. He mentioned then that he was starting a solo project under the name “Sunny Ali.” Tonight, Ali joins The Lopez, The Mighty Paradocs, Brik-a-Brak (member of Drake) at the Tritone on South Street.

Show starts at 9PM and runs till 1AM. Ali should be playing at 10PM. Tickets are $5. Here’s the electronic version of a romantic song called “I oh you“exclusively for PG readers. It’s my favorite of his works. (There’s also an acoustic version that hopefully I can convince him to share with us later.) Enjoy.

Sunny Ali & The Kid

Wednesday, January 27 at 9PM


1508 South Street

Philadelphia, PA 19146


[Photo credit: M. Edlow]