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My 5 Favorite Talkadelphia Interviews

So back in October, I told you about a new project I was working on called Talkadelphia. The premise was simple: Instead of writing about them like I usually do, Gino and I would interview all of the interesting Philadelphians that we knew so that you could hear their stories firsthand. A lot of folks told me podcasting was a stupid idea given the deteriorating attention span of the average American in the Internet age. But I refuse to believe that nobody wants to hear first-hand from the folks we’ve covered. So shove it, haters.

Twenty plus episodes later, I’ve learned a few things. First of all, podcasting is a lot more work than the simple Q&As I usually write. Whereas an average profile would take me roughly 3-4 hours to compile (interview/transcribe/edit /write/re-write), one podcast episode can easily take twice that much time. So if you are planning to seriously commit to a podcast, kiss your social life away. Or just make your social life a part of your podcast, like we do. Continue reading


Introducing Talkadelphia


Photo Credit: For the Love of Food

  Good things happen when I get bored. Two years ago, I found myself with too much spare time and a desire to learn more about the city I grew up in so I started writing on this blog. The results surprised me — I ended up finding a community of fascinating, like-minded people who became close friends. But as I moved away from this blog and to other projects, I found myself missing the conversations I had with the amazing Philadelphians I meet every day.

That’s why I decided last Thursday that I wanted to do a series of podcasts. Conversations with all the people I know (and some that I don’t know) who are changing this city in little, unnoticed ways. So my friend Gino and I came up with Talkadelphia. Every Monday, we’ll introduce you to somebody who intrigues us. We’re still working on our website, but until then follow our Twitter account to stay in touch with all the latest Talkadelphia news. Want to be interviewed? Email us at talkadelphia@gmail.com and tell us about yourself!