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Yay! Gentification!

JuneFun 006

Here’s exactly what we need on a university campus: a Fresh Grocer. Because over-priced groceries are exactly what a neighborhood needs to grow healthy. Not.

Sure, Penn has one. LaSalle has one. Naturally Temple needs one too, right? More jobs. Fresh groceries. At least that’s what one of the kids in that article says. Rico, a street vendor around Temple, says that neighborhood residents don’t have places to buy fresh fruit. (Although I guess he never went to the white truck on 13th and Jefferson that sells produce every day but okay.)

But, seriously. Who can afford the stuff at Fresh Grocer? Has anyone ever been to a Fresh Grocer? The stuff there is not cheap. It’s for university students whose parents are footing the bill. It’s for the Temple student who finds it inconvenient to take the subway to Allegheny and go to the Pathmark. It’s not for the kids who really need it. Maybe prices have gone down there since I went to the one on Penn’s campus, but I doubt it. You’re better off going to Trader Joe’s. Continue reading

Time for me to save

Temple Bill

This email makes me unaccountably nervous. I should’ve factored in more of a cushion if I’m going back to school. Penny-pinching time!

Turns out Some Comments = Spam

I could kick myself for missing this. (I did, no worries.) Apparently WordPress is flagging some of the comments people leave as spam. Which sucks. Because there’s a number of great comments on posts you won’t get to read. My apologies for that. Wanted to especially highlight a comment on the Temple Secretaries post by a Temple prof. Especially now that Philebrity noticed the whole Temple fiasco. She writes:

“This is a great blog post. And Gregory, I’m worried for you. I teach at Temple, and I am contingent, as are a majority of the faculty there. Hired every fifteen weeks w/o job security, no benefits, no office in many cases — with maximum class number going up over the years from 18 to 28 but NO increase in salary. Most of your faculty will be part-time, teaching not only at Temple but at other universities in the area. Rushing from classes on campus to teach elsewhere. You won’t be able to find them. Most of them won’t have offices. Not only will be there be no secretaries and support staff to help you, but you will have so few full-time professors available to you that you will feel isolated, confused and alone most of the time. At least that’s why my students have told me, with increasing rage, over the last several years.

What can students do? Demand courses taught by full-time faculty — refuse to take anything else unless they charge you 1/3 of the tuition — since that’s what contingents are paid — 1/3 of what a full-time faculty member would get for teaching the same course, having the same degrees, and often having more years of experience. Join the strikes and actions that will invariably be taking place this fall. Take a look at my website: http://www.junctrebellion.com for more information about this, and join us there — we need a growing number of voices to put an end to all this. Academia is being destroyed by administrators who never teach — what do they know about what it takes to teach? what do they care that secretaries who have devoted 30 years of their lives to the institution may now be facing poverty and homelessness?

Short answer: they don’t. Administrators now outnumber faculty on every campus across the country. And these are administrators hired to bust unions for the very reason that we see here — their ability to stall contract negotiations and to fire for economic reasons anyone they deem needs firing.

Where does that leave all of you who are students? Screwed. Seriously screwed.

‘Junct Rebellion has a Facebook page too — join us there.”

Temple Screws Over Its Secretaries II

So remember when I told you about how Temple abruptly fired much of its secretarial staff in certain departments. The unions put out their press release on the matter Saturday.

“Temple AFSCME and TAUP join in condemning the recent inhumane and hastily executed actions by Temple’s administration against a group of employees in the AFSCME bargaining unit. 19 employees in CLA and other locations in the University were suddenly informed last week that their jobs would be terminated, and that they would need to reapply for newly classified positions. They were given 24 hours to schedule interviews, 48 hours to submit their applications and 72 hours to secure letters from recommendation. To add to the outrage, they were subjected to 10 minute ‘interviews’ in which they were asked questions designed to have them identify fellow co-workers as inessential. This Wednesday, a mere ten days after being initially informed of this process, these employees were informed of their fate: Nineteen were fired and escorted from the building by the building manager or security guards; they now face finding new jobs in the worst economic environment in decades. [They were given no severance pay.] Many others were shifted around to other departments in CLA, ejected from jobs they had done well for years or even decades.  Continue reading

Temple Screws Over Its Secretaries

Oh, the humanities!

Disturbing news over at my old alma mater, Temple University. Turns out that the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University fired yesterday half of its secretarial staff without two weeks notice with pay, many of whom had worked at Temple for years. According to what I’m hearing, they did so without any union involvement or faculty input. Continue reading

Uninsured new patients in pain=screwed


Did you know that if you don’t have dental insurance and you find yourself having a dental emergency – you’re basically screwed?

You probably do know. Everyone knows.

It still sucks that people in pain stand in line at 5AM hoping to find some relief.

You didn’t know that? Continue reading

Is this Temple’s idea of an April Fool’s Day joke?

Or are they really serious? I’m going with serious.

Check it out:


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