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Brendan Plays Rockabilly

Join Brendan Skwire (of The Dill Pickles) this Saturday, April 24 as he slaps bass with the Super Devils at Murph’s Bar in Fishtown.  This time he’s not playing bluegrass, he’s playing rockabilly. Yeah, I had to look that up too. Whatever it is, it’ll be guaranteed fun. Bring your dancing shoes. Doors open at 8PM, Brendan starts playing at 10. I saw Brendan play a number of times last summer. He always delivers a great show. If you thought bluegrass rockabilly in Philly was dead, think again.

Friday Night Tweetup

pickles911-LAST SHOW

So if you’re one of those strange, strange folks who happens to be a Twitter addict (as I am), you will understand the appeal of a “Tweetup.” That’s when you gather with the folks that you spend your day chatting with on Twitter and finally meet them IRL (in real life).  Is it as pathetic as it sounds? Probably.

Well, those evil Twitter folks finally convinced me to try this scary social media networking deal. So slow down on your drunk Tweeting and bring your thumbs to Fergie’s Pub tonight. Is it also going to be the best Friday night ever? Probably, yes. And the fact that it coincides with the final show of The Dill Pickles can’t hurt either. So if you ever wanted to try your hand at stalking meeting Philly’s most prolific Twitterers, now’s a good time. We promise we won’t bite. A lot.

UPDATE: Photos from the event via Phillybits.

Make your own pickle jokes

And as always, Friday nights are bluegrass nights. Come on out and listen to some old-timey music.


Friday Fun


I <3 bluegrass UPDATED

Ever since I saw “O Brother Where Art Thou?” I’ve loved bluegrass. Wait, was that bluegrass.  I thought it was. I’m not real music savvy when it comes to characterizing genres.

Anyways, if you want to listen to real bluegrass this weekend, check out The Dill Pickles, who will be playing the Spruce Hill May Fair this Saturday, May 9 at 2:00 PM.

Info here.

Listen to ’em here.

I’ve heard that “Nobody’s Business” song like 100 times this week.