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Gene Marks Takes On the Role of “A Poor Black Kid”

Every wonder what it’s really like to be a poor black kid? In an article titled “If I Were A Poor Black Kid,” Forbes contributor and Philadelphia entrepreneur Gene Marks gives it a few seconds of thought.  To save all of you busy people some time, I thought I’d share my own summary of his article. (FYI: Title stolen from my friend Joel.) Here, in short, is what Marks writes:

“If I Were A Poor Black Kid, I’d Use All the Advantages I Have from Not Being a Poor Black Kid”

Obama. Obama. Obama.

I’m not a poor black kid living in West Philadelphia. But if I were, I would study really hard and go to a good school! But I’m not a poor black kid. But if I were,  I would take advantage of each and every opportunity I could. But I’m not. But if I were a poor black kid, I would take advantage of every resource out there. But I’m not. But if I were…. But I’m not… But if I were… But I’m not.

Obama. Obama. Obama.

The end.

Okay. Maybe he says it a little differently. Or does he? You tell me.


Buy your Plushgun here!

And support your local record store.  I love this place! The Marvelous! Records, LP’s, etc on the block between 40th & Spruce and 40th and Walnut. Fun browsing for hours. I seem to remember them having comics as well. And they’re nice too. They may be indie music snobs, but they’re nice indie music snobs. (As in they explained what an LP and an EP were to me. Without laughing. They’re really that nice.)

So if you don’t feel like sitting at your computer, and ordering from here, you can just bike to West Philly and order a real, live Plushgun CD from The Marvelous. Viva la Plushgun! Cheers!