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Blogging Year in Review 2010

The people closest to me know that I have a terrible memory.  I can remember the things I know I have to remember to survive. The bills. Rent. Tuition. Work deadlines. But a lot of other floss goes by the wayside with me. Perhaps that’s why I try so hard to document my year. I try to always take my camera with me. Because if I don’t have a picture, I forget it happened. And I usually have a little notebook with me that I write important things in. Usually I forget the notebook though and by the end of the semester, when I go to throw away my notes and class handouts, I’ll find a dozen little scribblings here and there where I wrote a phrase or two that tickled my fancy. For that reason, I’m writing this post, because otherwise I’ll probably forget this incredible year even happened. Heck, I already forgot most of last week.

But this week, when I started my annual tradition of trying to piece together what I could recall of this past year, I was lucky enough to be able to use 2010’s blog posts to figure out when I had done what. Here’s what I gathered. Continue reading