Daily Archives: June 9, 2009

Brendan Skwire Writing for Philadelphia Weekly?

At least something good came out of this whole John Yoo deal. Brendan Skwire, who writes at Brendan Calling wrote a little letter that went something like this:

“There are so many reasons why I should be offered a paid column at the Inquirer or the Daily News. I’m fresher, funnier, and more relevant than any of these writers; I’ve got local name recognition thanks to the cover of the Philly Weekly; I’ve been a guest writer at several blogs, including local blogs like All Spin Zone and Suburban Guerilla, and national blogs like Firedoglake; and I have a passion for the interests of my low-income, working class community in southwest Philadelphia….

I bring a perspective that none of the current conservative writers at the Inquirer (or for that matter the Daily News) can offer: not only am I a fire-breating lefty community activist who’s unafraid to take controversial stances, I’m a member of the working poor, and I dish it out to Democrats as well as Republicans. When was the last time any of your current columnists (collectively, a right wing lawyer, a right wing lawyer, and a right wing lawyer) had to choose between “heat or eat”, as I have done almost every winter for the past 4 years? Do any of these well-heeled writers really represent the views of the millions of working people (most of them Democrats) who live in Philadelphia? I think not. John Yoo’s taste for torture cheesesteaks when he visits the city is immaterial, and of all three, only Flowers lives and works in the city.”

Read more here, it’s hilarious.

And yesterday, he got his chance. Check out Brendan’s new column at Philadelphia Weekly!