Daily Archives: June 24, 2009

Vacation? What vacation?

Beach Picture

Today is the last day of my vacation. Ever since I graduated from college two years ago, I have been working five to six days a week. It isn’t out of some sort of sadistic thrill, I suppose I could work less. But I like to stay busy. But for the month of June, I had a gap between jobs, and I found myself with four glorious Saturdays to spend in the city I love.

This isn’t something new. My family isn’t the type for vacations. As kids, I remember us bundled up in mini-vans and hustled to DC. Sometimes NYC. But we were mostly Philadelphians touristing in Philadelphia. I was the one always begging my siblings to take day-trips with me throughout Philadelphia. Alas, they weren’t as adventurous as I was. (Although there was one memorable trip where my little brother and sister and I ended up sneaking into City Hall on a Saturday, met John Street and got invited to a city luncheon. Another story.) Continue reading